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Am I really doing this?

March 27, 2009

While I’m not new to blogging, I tend to be cautious with what I put out there for the whole world to see. Never the less, I’ve decided to start this blog because I think I’m starting to drive my friends and family crazy with my new obsession: running.

I’ve never been particularly athletic, save for the brief period in college when I joined the fencing team my freshman year. It was an amazing experience, especially since I hadn’t experienced team sports in middle or high school. My sophomore year the classes became much more difficult, as was life in general, so I had to choose between graduating and practice. Since I didn’t want to become a professional fencer (do they even have those?), I focused on my classes and resigned myself to the occasional jog through campus and running on the elliptical machine at the gym.

Graduation day came twice, once for my undergraduate degree and again a year later for my masters degree. I found the perfect job teaching in a small, rural school with the most amazing people that I will never forget. I reconnected with the man of my dreams, who I knew in high school, and moved a few hours away from my home to be with him. It was difficult leaving my friends and my wonderful job, but the timing was right and so many things fell right into place that I truly felt we made the right decision. Almost two years later, Carl and I were married and have been living in wedded bliss ever since.

Just before Christmas I was having a discussion with one of my co-workers and she was telling me about “couch to 5K” and how great it was for getting in shape and losing weight.  After year of wedded bliss, I had packed on a bit of weight (and wasn’t super small to begin with) and was all about getting into shape. That night I downloaded a podcast that I found to our iPods and Carl and I went for our first run. The music was great (hip/hop instead of techno), but the run itself was torture! Yes, at the beginning even running for ONE MINUTE was difficult. But we weren’t giving up.

After the holidays were over and we actually ran while visiting family, we went to a running store and were fitted for proper shoes. While we were there, we signed up to run in our first 5K and had about 12 weeks to train. We completed the “couch to 5K program” and ran in our first 5K on March 14th and survived! The race that we participated in was actually part of a much larger and more important 15K race that started shortly after we finished. We were able to watch the much more experienced runners complete their race and it was very inspiring. Quite a few of my co-workers ran so it was nice to be able to cheer them on as they came off of the last bridge and closed in on the finish. Carl and I are totally in for the 15K next year!

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  1. MochaTrina permalink
    July 12, 2009 12:20 am

    OMG! This is awesome. I think I'm going to start training Monday or tomorrow.

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