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Running with a buddy

April 8, 2009

I stayed up a little too late playing around on the computer (so many awesome blogs to read, so little time!) so C and I got a pretty late start this morning. By the time I rolled out of bed and got all my stuff ready for my run it was 11:30. I had my usual half oatmeal raisin Clif Bar and decided to add half of a banana to my pre-run breakfast. I’m totally on a banana kick right now! It was chilly out, so I decided to wear pants instead of my usual capris. A mistake that I would be feeling around mile two! The cool breeze was nice at first, but at a certain point during my run the breeze always stops and leaves me HOT and SWEATY!

Shortly after my first mile, a woman who C and I have seen running before caught up and passed me. She’s older (in her 40’s) and in GREAT shape. At one point she went to turn around when she saw me and asked how many miles I was planning on doing today. I told her that I was planning on doing four and I had about three left to go. She asked if she could join me, so off we went! It was actually my first time running with someone and I’m not really sure how I liked it. Perhaps it was because I’m used to using my very slow run/walk intervals or perhaps it was because she had been running longer and was in better shape that had me a little nervous. Either way when my Garmin beeped telling me to walk and I kept running, I knew I would be in trouble before too long.

I did like chatting with her about running, how often she goes, what her mileage is etc. so that aspect of running with a buddy was really nice. I did eventually have to stop and walk, but she slowed her pace and stayed with me. I felt bad, and told her to keep going, but she said she was taking it easy today since she’s running a 10K in New Orleans with her sister. I told her about the marathon that my group of friends were running in and she was excited for us too. After I finished with my 4 miles, she split off to continue running hers while I walked home.

When I got home I drank some chocolate muscle milk with soymilk. Yum! After reading about it in Caitlin’s journal, Healthy Tipping Point, I tried it out and am totally hooked now. I’m also happy to report that I had NO SHIN PAIN after my run today. Still some weirdness with the ball of my foot, but it wasn’t as bad as it was yesterday. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t bother me at all for my Friday run.

Tomorrow we are heading down to visit our parents, who live in the same town, for the Easter holiday so I’m excited to get some family time AND to have a new place to run.

Today’s stats –
Distance: 4 miles
Time: 53’21”
Pace: 13:19’/mi

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