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A quick two miles

April 16, 2009

This afternoon I went to pick up my race packet from 1st Place Sports for the Run to the Sun on Saturday. There are several people from my school that are also doing the race, so I tried to pick up their packets too. Unfortunately, when they registered they must have chosen the option to have their race materials picked up at another location, so I could only pick up one other person’s stuff today. Bummer! While I was there I picked up some new fuel to try: lemon-lime Clif shot bloks (I thought they were margarita – boo!), pomegranate Luna sport moons, espresso love and strawberry banana GU, vanilla and chocolate Hammer Gel. I’m really looking forward to the Hammer Gel because I’ve heard a lot of great things about the texture and that they are made of more “natural” ingredients. Now I can’t wait for my next long run and I may even use one on Saturday since I’m so slow, lol!

I’m really looking forward to the race on Saturday, but bummed that C won’t be running with me. In addition to his sore shins, he also managed to snag his pinky toe on the edge of the table on Easter Sunday and then re-open the wound last night as he was putting on his sandals to walk our dog. He made the executive decision to sit out the race so his wound wouldn’t fester during the run. Yuck!

When I got home I quickly got dressed into my running stuff because I REALLY didn’t want to run tonight! I did two miles and while they were my fastest run/walk time, it felt like an awful run. Since my shins had been bothering me, I decided to try out the Aline insoles that I bought at the Gate River Run expo in March. I’m still in the process of breaking them in and it was really awkward to run with them, but overall I think they helped. My left shin felt MUCH better, but my right one still felt a little weird so I’m going to continue to break them in and hopefully my right leg will get used to it.

Today’s stats –
Distance – 2 miles
Time – 25’30”
Pace – 12:46’/mile (2:1 run/walk)

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