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Two run recap

May 6, 2009

C and I went for a run on Sunday that I forgot to blog about. Two words – it sucked. Not exactly sure why, other than I was a blubbery mess and was just so frustrated with how crappy I thought I was doing. Turns out it’s no worse than other 4 mile runs that I’ve done before so I have no idea why I was struggling so much. Maybe it was just one of those runs. Maybe it was because I hadn’t done much running the week before since I was hoping that my shins would magically heal themselves – and they do feel better so at least that’s good!

Sunday’s stats
Distance – 4 miles
Time – 53’41”
Pace – 13:26’/mile (2:1 run/walk)

Today was another run and we did 3 miles. I had another doctor’s appointment, I go every year for a general check up, so I got to talk to my regular doctor about running. Although he’s my GP he is also a sports medicine specialist – which I’m so thankful for since I wasn’t running when I first started going to see him last year.

We had a great conversation and he gave me more strengthening/stretching exercises for my shins. He also told me that if they continue to give me problems to call him so he can refer me to a physical therapist for even more stretches and general goodness. I told him that I’m attending Weight Watchers right now (not something I’d usually post about, but I may delve into it a bit more in upcoming posts) and he said that it’s fine, but once I get a bit further into my training it may work with fueling my body through running and weight loss. I agree with him, since it’s something that I’ve been thinking about too, and he has some information on a great sports nutritionist. Sweet!

Anyways, our run tonight was awesome! It wasn’t particularly fast, but it just felt great. I started out much slower and was able to increase my speed slowly. I decided to wear my Mizunos again to really test and see if I need shoes that provide more stability/motion control. I’m happy to report that while I had some tightness when we first got home, I feel great! However, these shoes are too small so they won’t work for longer distance runs. Boo! C and I are going to go to the New Balance store this weekend so I can get yet another pair of shoes. I think they will work because traditionally NB shoes have a more narrow heel and a larger toe box, which seems to be what I need. Hopefully the third pair will be “just right”!

Today’s stats:
Distance – 3 miles
Time – 38’56”
Pace – 13’/mile

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  1. December 10, 2009 11:41 am

    Way to go! We all have those runs that are just terrible, and the next one goes so great! I think it’s nature’s way of surprising us with how much we love running. Good luck finding the right pair of shoes!

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