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Run for the Pies 2009

June 14, 2009

Despite an utterly craptastic day yesterday, I got home from my workshop ready to take on the Run for the Pies. Seriously, I felt like everything that I touched yesterday went to crap. On my way home I desperately needed to get gas, but after stopping at two gas stations who had their credit card verification knocked off-line because of a horrible storm that went through town a hour prior, I was literally running on fumes before I was able to find a working gas station that I could stop at. I now know that my gas tank can hold 14 gallons of gas because I literally filled it up with 13.7!

C and I visited for a little while and shared a 6 in. Publix turkey sub and a granola bar before getting ready to leave for the run. I’ve never done a night run before and honestly I’m not so sure that they are a good thing here in Florida. Yea, it’s freaking hot but more so it rains nearly every afternoon (so you see where this is going…) during the summer. I double checked to be sure that there wasn’t any chance of rain in our near future and it assured me that there was only a 10% chance from 7-9pm up in Jacksonville. Perfect…and so totally wrong! The rain was so bad for a while that C and I just sat in our car for about 20 minutes before getting out and heading to the start at the Jacksonville Landing in downtown Jacksonville. I’d never been there before, but it seems like a neat place with different little shops and restaurants along the St. John’s River.

Pictures in the car while we waited for the rain to stop

We used the restrooms, not port-a-potties for once, and decided to watch the 5K championship that was held before the “open” race that we were running in. It was amazing to see how fast some of the runners are! The women got a 2.5 minute head start, but at the end a man still won coming in just over 15 minutes…with a women right on his tail. Impressive!

After the championship race finished they lined us up behind the mats and we prayed that the rain would hold off because it looked like a nasty storm was brewing right over us. I was excited to be timed during this race because I hadn’t ever had a “chip start” time. Before we knew it, the gun went off and the crowd slowly started moving in front of us. I can’t remember what time we crossed the mat, which would be important later, and the weather kept my Garmin from picking up satellites so I didn’t get it going until after we started. I also didn’t get my intervals set, but I knew from my last race that I would need to stick with my 2:1 run/walk intervals that I always do during my training runs, so I spent a decent amount of time looking at my watch during the run. Not ideal, but better than nothing!

The course was a neat course through some very pretty and some downright sketchy areas of downtown Jacksonville. A little before the first mile clock there was a group of firemen watching the run and one of them had a sign that said “Detour for the ladies” that brought a smile to my face.

We cleared the first mile around 12 minutes and it started to sprinkle. Since it was still pretty warm, I wasn’t sure how I felt about running in the rain but C really enjoyed it. I was happy that I had my visor, though, because it kept the rain from falling into my eyes and face. About half-way between mile 1 and mile 2 was the water station and I took a cup while I was still running and managed to take only a sip before I spilled it down the front of my shirt – so I decided to pour the rest of it down my back, lol! I was quite a sight by the end, I assure you!

We passed the second mile clock which read 24 minutes and I was really pleased with the pace that we were keeping! C actually stayed with me the entire time during the race, partly because he hadn’t gone for a run in a week and a half, and it was nice having him there with me. Because we thought it was going to rain, and right we were, we decided to leave our iPods in the car. It got a little boring, but it was neat to just take in our surroundings and see people and how they were doing.

Eventually we made our way back to the street that we started on and we could hear the cheering and could see the balloons at the finish line. Since we were so close, C and I decided to just run the rest of the way and I really pushed it. We crossed the finish line together, although I think my foot went down before his so I may have beaten him!, and our clock time was right around 38:15. I’m not super happy with that time so I’m hoping that our chip time is about 2 minutes less than that. Either way it is another race down and another learning experience about how my body feels and how much I can push it. I think it was my best “feeling” race yet, even if my time isn’t as great as I wanted it to be.

After we finished we grabbed a bottle of water and some bananas and headed towards the stage to listen to a band who was doing a cover of a Tom Petty song (I *heart* Petty!). They were giving away free pizza so we snagged a slice and found a place to sit. By this time it was sprinkling and I couldn’t get over that we’d just run a 5K, were eating pizza and listening to music in the rain. I so wish that I had my camera! It was a fun time and I hope more people that we know do it next year – even if they just come for the after party!

Unfortunately, there is a problem with the race file so they haven’t uploaded it to the results website yet. Fingers crossed for a chip finish time closer to 36 minutes!

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  1. Croughwell permalink
    June 14, 2009 6:43 pm

    Good job on your race!

  2. teacherwoman permalink
    June 14, 2009 7:01 pm

    way to go! Nice work!

  3. Jennie permalink
    June 25, 2009 10:13 am

    Man, i am really proud of you! I wish we had races for me to go to. I'll have to investigate. Remember the Petty concert we went to? Not the company, but the concert!! haha. We've come a long way.


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