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July 23, 2009

Even though I didn’t sleep very well last night, I must have gotten enough rest to get up early for a run this morning. I took my time getting ready and enjoyed stretching and eating a light breakfast before my run. I’m always hesitant to eat too much before a run, especially since I’m not a morning person and don’t enjoy getting up super early to have enough time between taking my thyroid meds and eating something. Since I had trouble sleeping, I decided to get up at 5am to take the meds and then crawl back into bed for another hour, which left me with plenty of time for my meds to be absorbed and enjoy a yummy breakfast that included a Wassa cracker, 1 tbs. almond butter and unsweetened apple butter.

My run was fantastic! It was pretty humid out when I left, but while I was out a nice, cool breeze actually started blowing (Yes, really! A cool breeze in the summer!) which was glorious! I’m not sure if it was my breakfast or not, but I felt really strong during my run. I felt like I was pushing myself and it felt really good to be able to stick with it. Sure, by the end I was a tired, sweaty mess but I still felt strong and was able to push all the way to 3.1 🙂

Today’s stats:
Distance- 3.1 miles
Time- 38:14
Pace- 12:20’/mile (2:30/1 run/walk)

When I got home I did lots of stretching, drank some G2 and water and tried to figure out what to eat for breakfast. I wasn’t feeling oatmeal or cereal so I decided to defrost some waffles that Carl made a few weeks ago and topped them with Okios, a very ripe necterine and just a little agave. GLORIOUS!

I’m also cooking up some rice milk but instead of using the stove I decided to use my crockpot so we’ll see how it comes out later!
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  1. whatissharondoingnow permalink
    July 23, 2009 6:18 pm

    Yeah for good, strong runs. I've continued reading Performance Nutrition for Runners and I'm starting to learn how important and what a difference fuel (whether before, during or after) can make.

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