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Homemade rice milk

July 23, 2009

After looking at some sites online I found a recipe to make homemade rice milk. I was so excited to try it out that I took advantage of my early rising to get started, because this process takes a while! While the directions say to cook on the stovetop for three hours (!!) I knew I wanted to use my crockpot so my house wouldn’t be a furnace and I wouldn’t waste as much energy. Here is the link to the original recipe. Please forgive all of the hype about Rice Dream and such, this person and I do not share some of the same views, but I did want to give credit where it’s due and send you straight to the source if you are interested in trying this on your own!

1. Put 1 c. of rinsed organic brown rice in the crockpot.

2. Add 8 c. of water and cook on high for 3.5 hours. It should look something like this:

3. In batches, place into the blender and blend on high for a few minutes until smooth. Be sure to vent the top while you’re blending since the rice/water mixture will be hot. I filled it about half way each time because I didn’t want it to explode in the kitchen!

It looked like this after it was all blended together:

4. Strain mixture using a fine mesh strainer.

This part takes a little while and I found it was easier to use a wooden spoon to move the liquid through. You could probably use cheese cloth but I really liked the strainer because this is what was left:

I also washed the strainer after every batch because it got pretty gunky.

5. Strain the liquid a second time. This time I strained it into the container that I wanted to use to hold the rice milk. I didn’t have any canning jars so I just used this plastic container.

I was pretty surprised to see that there was still rice pulp left after the second strain. Much less than before, though!

I repeated these steps three times and it made about 1 quart of rice milk. You can add different sweeteners and even different nuts to the recipe to change the flavor. Some of the recipes also call for vanilla, but I decided to make plain, unsweetened rice milk. Although it seems like there is a lot of water in the recipe the rice milk is VERY THICK, almost like cream. So much so that I’ll probably dilute it by half when I use it in cereal or smoothies.

I had a small glass after it cooled and it was pretty plain tasting. I’ll admit that it wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be, but it’s not awful either, lol. I decided to add a little agave to it and it really helped with the flavor, so next time I may add some sweetner (agave or honey) to it while it’s still hot. Honestly though, I wouldn’t say that I actually enjoyed a cold glass of cow’s or soy milk anways so I guess this just fits right in 🙂

There is another recipe that I want to try that is a little easier, it uses cooked brown rice instead of uncooked and less water, since this was a bit time intensive. I’d say it took 4 hours total – 3.5 to cook and about half an hour to blend. Not too bad, but because it is so thick and I’ll be diluting it down I think a smaller, easier recipe would be better especially since I’m not sure if Carl will like it at all. We shall see!

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  1. whatissharondoingnow permalink
    July 23, 2009 6:20 pm

    Very interesting, because one of the things I don't like about (Rice Dream) rice milk is how watery it is.

    Very time consuming though, I don't know if I would have your patience 🙂

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