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Breakfast and a day of errands

July 30, 2009

I really need to go to the grocery store so my options were a little limited for breakfast this morning. I decided to go with my standard eggs and used two egg whites and some of the left over sauteed onions and peppers. Yum! I also added a few grapes that were on their last legs.

Today is certainly a day of errands. Since I didn’t get out of the house yesterday I have quite the list that I need to accomplish this afternoon. If I don’t get to it today than it will just have to wait đŸ™‚ Tonight Carl and I are spending the evening with some friends and tomorrow I have an awesome day of shopping with my friend Brandy. I can’t wait!

Do you like running errands? I actually do! It gets me out of the house and I love shopping so even going to the grocery store can be fun.

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  1. whatissharondoingnow permalink
    July 30, 2009 2:03 pm

    Love errands…the grocery and CVS are among the top because they allow me to spend money I don't necessarily feel guilty about spending, even though I easily drop $100 when I'm in either of those places. I remember reading once about a scientific study of women and their spending habits and there truly is a hormonal release that gives us a powerful feeling when we shop. If I remember correctly it has to do with the authority and decision making.

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