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Speed class

July 30, 2009

Despite the horrible rain storm that came in around 3:30 and lasted until nearly 5pm I decided to try out the speed class that is run by a lady who works at the Y. When I went in a few weeks ago to join (still haven’t, but I’m enjoying the free pass!) I noticed several running related things on there – a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday group running class and a speed class that meets at a local high school. Since I’d been wanting to try to incorporate speed stuff into my weekly running I was intrigued but a little nervous since I’d be going by myself. I do love meeting new people but am usually shy at first and open up once I feel more comfortable – so you can imagine that my anxiety was a little high going to a track where I knew some speed demons would be!

Before I left I had a wasa cracker with 1 tbs. almond butter (this stuff is so dangerous!) and 1 tbs. apple butter with some grapes.

It was hot and humid when I got to the track and I swear I was already sweating when I got out of the car. As I approached the track I saw six people and thought to myself “I can do this”. Two men and an older woman (who was seriously in her 70’s and totally kicking butt!) were running around the track and the woman who I spoke to at the Y was there with another woman. We talked about what I was training for, what my longest runs had been, how I usually run and she said that we’d be starting really slow and she’d gradually have me work up to harder things like the rest of the group (who were doing 1000’s at a 5K pace). I was a little relieved that she was going to take me “where I am” rather than just put me somewhere with everyone else. Since I’d never run on a track before she taught me a little bit about track etiquette (faster on the inside, slower on the outside) and how far everything was (1 lap = 1/4 mi. = 400 m) and gave me my workout – two laps of warm up and then alternating between one lap hard, one lap recovery until I’d done 5 hard laps then do two laps to cool down.

I think the most interesting part about the class tonight is that I found I could run one lap in about the same time that I run in my training runs – 2:30 – give or take a few seconds depending on the lap. I don’t think I actually run that fast normally because I was pushing myself and by the end of that time frame I was pretty tired, but I knew there was a recovery lap following. While I was running the other people were doing their workouts and were very encouraging when they would pass by me (when they weren’t in the zone, lol). I felt incredibly welcomed and was so glad that I went. After I was finished the teacher lady (who was totally kicking butt, too!) took some time to walk with me and ask me how I felt about the workout. When I told her what I found out about my pace I admitted that I think I can push myself a bit harder and her reply was, “You might as well try to push yourself because you know you’re not going to die. Worst case is that you’ll thow up, but that’s why they have so many trash cans around here.” It was the highlight of my night because sure enough, there were trash cans everywhere! I’m not sure if that’s why they are actually there or not, but it was really funny.

When I came home I had an orange and a G2 while Carl cooked dinner.

Dinner didn’t turn out so well due to a mix up with the ingredients (he used two cans of black beans instead of 2 cups) so I had some instant Amy’s Mac and Cheese with sauteed onions and peppers and a can of tuna fish. It was actually really good!

I also had some unpictured Mary’s Gone Crackers to add a little more flavor and while I think they are super yummy I’m really glad that they are gone because I tend to mindlessly snack on them (did I really need the extra calories with my dinner? NO!)

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  1. whatissharondoingnow permalink
    July 30, 2009 2:12 pm

    I am so happy that the track experience was positive…maybe a little jealous too, but not that I've ever really searched out for a track club (okay, I looked up our local road runners and they have one….) But so happy for your positive experience! How do you feel today?

    …and I hear you on mindlessly eating crackers. They're too easy of a snack which is why I remind myself to not buy them (actually, I never go down that aisle)!

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