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Heavy legs

August 4, 2009

Last night after dinner I was still feeling a little snacky so I decided to follow Carl’s lead and eat a yummy fruit pops that we picked up at WF a few weeks ago. Since I’m not always a “sweet craver” I tend to buy sweet treats and forget about them (I wish it were the same for the bag of Tostitos that we have in the pantry…). They were pretty yummy and had a super short (and pretty natural) ingredient list so I was happy.

I totally had the feeling of eating an ice pop from school lunches – you know, the ones that were all over-iced and grape flavored? Only these were much better!

This morning I went for a short 2 mile run and it was seriously the worst run I’ve ever had. My legs were so heavy and I just couldn’t get them to run very fast so while I walked quite a bit when I was running I was literally doing a 13’/mile run. In addition to my heavy legs it was also super humid out. I know we are just getting to the meat of the heat here in Florida and it’s only going to get worse but I’m so over it!

When I came back in I was dripping with sweat and cranky. The only thing that brought me out of my crappy mood was knowing that I was going to have the best breakfast in the world – oatmeal straight out of the cashew butter jar! Carl decided to make himself a cashew butter and jelly sandwich last night to take to work for lunch today and as he was scraping the cashew butter out of the jar I asked him to save me some so I could enjoy it with breakfast today. It did not disappoint!

Oh cashwew butter, how I love thee!

I decided to mix in a banana to get some fruit into my breakfast and it was so good. Yum!

I can’t wait until we finish off more of our nut butters (we have three different jars in the fridge right now…) so I can have this treat again.

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  1. WhatIsSharonDoingNow permalink
    August 4, 2009 10:29 am

    I hear you on being sick of the heat! I'm also struggling with the decision on running morning or evening once back to work (which I really need to relax on – as if I can't change my mind if it doesn't work out).

    Remember a few weeks ago when I had heavy legs and decided it was b/c I was a few days before my period…just a thought.

    Forgetting you have sweets in the house blows my mind! Fortunately (I guess?) Matt is even worse than me! So the only sweets in the house is fruit, and if we want a treat we go to the convenience store up the street and pick something out.

    Good idea to use every last ounce of cashew butter!

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