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Back on the band wagon!

August 10, 2009

Yesterday afternoon we arrived back in town from visiting our families in South Florida. It was a lovely visit filled with lots of quality time with both sets of parents and lots of food! On this trip we stayed with my Mom and Gramps (we try to go stay with a different set of parents each time we visit) and while my Mom is really good about keeping the house stocked with lots of healthy food options, we always manage to fall back to our normal comfort food of bread and sweets.

Even though we try to spend as much time with family as we can, Carl and I were able to sneak away for a mini-“date day” and went to Chipotle for lunch (too much cilantro!) and then went to see Julie & Julia which was pretty good. I do wish I new a little more about Julia Child before I went to see the movie because I really didn’t have the background knowledge to really understand some of the events that took place (hello, makes me feel like one of my students!). It was a little longer than I thought it would be and dragged in some places, but it was really wonderful to see how cooking really changed both of their lives. I would totally recommend it!

I did get in one really awesome 3 mile run while we were on vacation. I really pushed myself for the first mile and actually cleared it in 10:15!!! That is huge for me!! The second mile was a little over 11:00 and my last mile was pretty slow since I tuckered myself out running the first two.

Distance – 3.05 miles
Time – 36:19
Pace – 11:55’/mi
Best pace – 7:48 (!!)

Sunday is my usual long run day but I wasn’t excited about trying to get in a six mile run at my mom’s so I thought I’d push it off until we got home. Riiiight. I was totally not feeling a run last night so instead of pounding the pavement Carl and I went to see Harry Potter. It was good, but long, and I can’t wait for the next one to come out!

Since I’m going back to work next week I decided to use this week as a “test week” to see how early I’d need to get up to get my runs in before I leave for work. I woke up at 5am (yuck!) and made it out by 6am (what in the world do I do for an hour before I leave?!) to discover a few things about running at that time of the morning:

  1. It’s still dark and super humid at the time that I’d have to get up. Since the area that I run in isn’t very well lit I think I’m going to need to buy a clip light or something. Not excited about this.
  2. Even though my runs are only 4-5 miles, they often take longer than I think they are going to and I’m just not sure that I’ll be home in time to take a shower and look half-way professional for work. I guess that’s why this is a “training week” to see how it will go.
  3. I still need some kind of hydration even on the short runs because I’m literally dripping with sweat even though the sun isn’t out yet. I think I’m going to get a hand held for these runs so I don’t have to lug my Camelbak. Still investigating this one but the bottom line is that I like to have options with how I’m going to stay hydrated through the hottest part of summer. Yuck.

After a few days (okay if I’m being real, a few weeks) of eating crap and I totally felt it on my run this morning. Since I knew I wasn’t hydrated well enough I decided to take a bottle of water with me (which is why I got the idea to do the hand held). I’m so glad that I did because the first four miles of my six mile run were awful. Seriously. I was sluggish and out of breath and I felt like I was barely moving. It was bad. I know that proper nutrition is important, but today it really hit me that I need to think of food more as fuel – which is hard and doesn’t come naturally to me. This is my journey and as much as I wish October were here and the marathon training were over, it’s not so I need to make the most of the weeks that I have left.

The last two miles of the run were a lot better and I was able to really push myself. I love that feeling!

Today’s stats:
Distance – 6 miles
Time – 1:21:34
Pace – 13:36’/mi
Best pace – 8:04’/mi

When I got home I made a quick breakfast: whole grain waffle with a dab of Okios and strawberries. Yum!

After breakfast I changed and went to my Monday morning yoga class. Love it! Ironically on my way I got my first speeding ticket EVER as the speed changed from 45 to 35 through a construction site. The cops were seriously all set up and pulling people over two at a time. Boo! Luckily I was able to relieve the stress during my class and even felt better to see they were still there, 1.5 hours later!, with two cars pulled over. Apparently they decided to stay there for a good part of the morning/afternoon and just nab people. Ugh!

When I got home I was pretty hungry but not really excited about the food we had in the fridge (and we just went to the grocery store!) so I managed to throw together lunch: left over potatoes from dinner last night and a wrap with hummus, fat free cheese, black olives and spinach.

I took a shower and attempted the first draft of this post (which is why it’s so long!) before I decided to take a nap with Bradley. Apparently I really needed it because I slept for nearly three hours! Too bad I won’t be able to do that next week!

After I got up I made a green monster (unpictured) with this new milk that we bought yesterday. I thought I would try it since it’s lactose free, but alas it totally didn’t work and had a tummy ache by the time I got to Target while I was running errands. After doing some research, I don’t think I’m lactose intolerant. I can’t be because there isn’t any lactose in here and it still caused problems. I thought it would because I haven’t been able to drink Lactaid for years, but I was hopeful.

Instead I think I either have a sensitivity to the the other proteins that are found in milk OR I have a milk allergy. The only way to tell is to go to the doctor to be tested to see if I produce antibodies when I drink milk – not sure that I really want to do that, but it’s a possibility. WholeFoods has a great article on the differences between intolerance, sensitivity and allergies if you are interested in learning more. Fascinating stuff, really, although incredibly frustrating! Back to the oat milk for me!

For dinner tonight we heated up last night’s biscuits and gravy and topped it with an egg. Yum! After we ate this last night I really didn’t want to have it for a second meal because I don’t think it’s very healthy – but I just couldn’t justify throwing it away. I told myself that it would be okay to have a bit and not over eat, which is something that I need to learn too!

Both Carl and I were really craving chocolate so we made single servings of original flavor No Pudge Fudge. I love this stuff and used to eat it all the time so I was happy to see that the ingredients are actually pretty natural – as far as boxed brownies go!

We both topped off our brownies with Naturally More PB and I get to use the container for my oatmeal tomorrow! Yea!
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  1. FLYERS26 permalink
    August 11, 2009 7:23 am

    I use the Nathan elite handheld.. Dick's sporting goods sells them, but I'm sure you could find one at and running or sporting goods store.

  2. whatissharondoingnow permalink
    August 11, 2009 5:06 pm

    I think that's the water bottle I use too.

    Thoughts as I read:

    1. I have the same food issues at my parents house. Even though there's usually some healthy food, or my mom sometimes shuffles me to the grocery store shortly after I arrive to get the food I want, I easily cave into the junk that's also around. This summer they were not allowed to have ice cream in the house for the week I visited! (That was the biggest problem for me when we spent time together at Amelia Island in the spring.)

    2. Way to go on your 10:15 mile! That's super impressive especially since it was your first mile. I think my first mile is always the slowest!

    3. Test week does not sound fun, but I guess that's what I got with a workshop for the past week (because I know I can be 15 minutes late to the workshop…)

    4. I have always wondered why it takes so long in the morning! Alarm, out of bed, bathroom, clothes, 1/2 banana, shoes…why does that take me 20 minutes? But I've learned just to allow for it, otherwise I'll take too long before I get out of bed and convince myself I can't do a run and will just have to sleep more….as though I can't shorten the run?

    5.Remember, you can always shorten a run if you find yourself getting short on time…or really push at the end. I make sure to run with a watch before work solely for this purpose.

    6. I was just thinking about nutrition this morning…it is so much more important than I've ever given it credit. It takes time and preparation to think of food as fuel! Also, did you ever get a chance to look over the article "Running in Cycles"? Your cycle makes a difference too!

    7. I'm totally slow for my first miles too, especially in the wee hours of the morning. As I start I can feel my body waking up – my muscles are tight at first, and sometimes they ache, but by mile 4 I feel as though I can actually start pushing. I don't get after myself though, I think it's healthier to "warm-up" and sometimes when I'm dreading getting out of bed, I tell myself I'm allowed to go as slow as I want, as long as I get out there. Then, a few miles in I'm usually (but not always) pushing myself.

  3. Brandy permalink
    August 11, 2009 9:50 pm

    Glad to see you back on the bandwagon!

    You are doing awesome. Don't beat yourself up. You know what the first thing I do when I go to my mom's house? Open her fridge and pantry and see what she has to eat 🙂 Just habit!

    Congrats on the fast mile!! You are my inspiration. I can't even workout in the morning without puking my brains out. I can't believe school starts soon!!!

  4. Laurel permalink
    August 15, 2009 9:51 am

    Thanks for the well wishes and understanding. Most people say that stuff out of love, but just don't think before they say things. I'm sure I have been guilty of it myself at times.

    Great job on the fast mile. And that food looks awesome!

    So, what part of South Florida were you in? I'm from down there.

  5. Brandy permalink
    August 18, 2009 8:06 pm

    How's it going?? 🙂 🙂

  6. skinnysweetpea permalink
    August 19, 2009 9:24 am

    I miss your posts! Hope all is well in your world 🙂

  7. Kelly permalink
    August 21, 2009 4:15 pm

    Okay, how did you guys do "single servings" of your boxed brownies? That's what I want to know!

    And, yay for all the good good running.

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