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Super sunday

September 6, 2009

Although I don’t usually enjoy Sundays (I’m trying!) because I stress out about the week, I LOVE Sundays when we have Monday off. Carl and I slept in until almost 7am! I know it doesn’t sound all that late, but after waking up at 5-5:30am six days a week it was glorious!

Carl decided to make blueberry waffles for breakfast using Hodgston Mill Insta-Bake mix. Yum! I had two with a drizzle of almond butter, 1 tbs. flax, and half of a banana.

My plate

Carl’s plate (!)

I got a bit of the cleaning but so while Carl was cooking I decided to vacuum, run a load of towels and clean the downstairs bathroom. It felt so good to get that done!

We decided to make today our “errand day” so we set off to Town Center for Target, Dick’s and Costco – a trip we’ve been putting off for WEEKS!

While I ran to Anthropologie, Carl went to Dick’s and when I returned I found him in this chair. It had all kinds of levers to push and pull which made it recline, adjusted the little sun visor over his head, and even raised and lowered his feet. I had to pry him out of it!

While we were out we decided to have lunch at my favorite place, The Cheesecake Factory! Oh how I love that place!

Waiting for our table

We were seated in my favorite spot, a room off of the front they call the rotunda. I love it because it’s a bit more secluded than the main dining room so I feel like I can talk and enjoy the time instead of yelling over everyone else talking.

I decided to get a mint green tea to drink and it was incredibly refreshing after sweating while walking around. MMMmmmm…mint!

I finished this glass and then switched to strawberry lemonade that came in a glass rimmed with sugar! Oh yum!

We decided to try one of their “small plates” – bacon wrapped dates. Holy yum! It’s so funny that we had these today because Paige at Running Around Normal had bacon wrapped dates last night at a different restaurant and really liked them, although I didn’t read about it until after we got home.

I was feeling like something different and decided to try their breakfast monte cristo that had french toast, ham, bacon and swiss cheese with strawberry preserves for dipping. I’d never had a monte cristo before (a fried sandwich didn’t ever sound good to me!), but this one sounded divine and didn’t disappoint! I ate two and a half wedges and about 1/4 of the potatoes before giving the rest to Carl. Oh boy it was good though!

Carl had a chicken salad sandwich with a salad – and ate all of it, including part of mine!
I think he stores it in his big toe, lol!

After lunch we went to Costco and it was so nice to get totally stocked up on yummy fruits and veggies. I love looking in the fridge and seeing all of the healthy food choices in there. Yea! While we were there we also picked up a new blender/food processor. Love it!

For dinner I had Carl’s left over Moe’s with some RiceWorks chips that we got at Costco.

They were pretty good, although they were a little saltier than I thought they would be.

I love how you can see the brown rice in there!

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  1. whatissharondoingnow permalink
    September 9, 2009 8:25 pm

    ha. my parents have that chair and they bought one for my niece too, so she can have her own. see me relaxing in it over the summer here:

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