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September 8, 2009

While we were watching the FSU v. Miami game both Carl and I were excited to try our new dessert that I’d read about on a few blogs – the mini coconut sandwiches! When I told Carl about them on our short trip to Publix yesterday afternoon his eyes got as big as saucers and he wanted to buy three boxes, lol! We settled on the vanilla and ONE box and they sure did not disappoint!

Pictures courtesy of my wonderful hubby!

For breakfast I went back and forth between cereal and oatmeal and decided that I wanted something cold to start off my day and had a wonderful bowl of Kashi Heart to Heart (love it!) with a banana, handful of blueberries, flax and just a little dab of almond butter (I can’t get away from this stuff!). Yum!

I actually managed to get a post in before work! Of course I’m running a few minutes behind, but it’s my first weekday post since we started back! I’ll get the hang of this yet 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Kelly permalink
    September 8, 2009 2:35 pm

    Okay also to comment on your last post…your sandwiches looked amazing. Wanna make me lunch today? Where did you find your bread? And don't say Publix, cause we, in Omaha, have no such store. Also, thank you for flaunting your chick-fil-a meal, we also don't have those either. 😀 Sorry for the rant, I'm not mad…just jealous. All your food always looks so good!

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