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Sunday night supper

September 13, 2009

After giving the house a little TLC Carl and I set out to run some errands. I snacked on half of the left over Clif Bar from this morning to tide me over before we ate lunch. We went to Black Creek Outfitters and wondered around for a little while before deciding to take a break for lunch. Every time we go to Black Creek Carl wants to go to Bono’s, a local BBQ restaurant right next door, but I always redirect somewhere else – usually to Cheesecake Factory! Today I decided to give in and try it.

I really wasn’t feeling BBQ (it’s not something that I crave like Mexican) and I wanted to try to go a bit healthier so I decided on the grilled chicken breast platter with a sweet potato and Brunswick stew.

Overall it was really good, although I specifically asked the waitress if anything came on the sweet potato and I could swear that they buttered it and wrapped it in aluminum foil to cook it. Oh well, I tried! I found out that I really like the Brunswick stew and will probably try to find a recipe for it soon.

I needed some GU for my super long 20 mile run (!!!) next Saturday so we went to Dick’s so I could get some along with a new sports bra and running capris. I ended up with UnderArmour, of course, but think that I’m going to try to see if they have them at the UA outlet and if they do I’ll return the stuff that I got today because that stuff ain’t cheap!

When we got home I took a nap before heading to Casa de Republican for Sunday Supper with Hilary. Hilary and her hubby, Mr. R, have decided to host Sunday Suppers with different groups of people every Sunday evening with yummy food and games! Hilary had a lovely spread of things to munch on before dinner – but darned if I can remember what it was called. The dip had cream cheese, Swiss cheese and craisins and was served with apples, crackers and gingersnaps! So good!

She also made an awesome dinner of BBQ chicken pizza (my fave!), chicken sausage with apples and onions (so good!). Kristin brought a salad with lettuce, tomatoes and croutons but I didn’t get a picture (or a picture of any food on my plate).

The lovely hostess cutting the pizza

Chicken sausage, onions and apples

After supper we played a fun game and Hilary served us a crustless pumpkin pie that she made in the crock pot! So good!

Kristin enjoying dessert

The ladies!
Hilary, Kristin, me, CPR Kristen

I hope you all have a lovely evening and a great week!
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  1. September 15, 2009 2:11 am

    hey! what's UnderArmour like as a brand? i stumbled across it over a trip the other week to the states, and got some crazy crazy running/cycling leggings. is the brand like a little bit cheaper nike version? where does it stand? i haven't worn my leggings yet, they're likely to make me NEVER get hit by a car tho 🙂

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