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Kristin tries a Green Monster!

September 16, 2009

Last night after Open House Kristin and I made plans to run together tonight. Since she was tutoring after school up near where I live, we decided to run around the big neighborhood near my house. Since we don’t usually have company, our house was a little messy so I high tailed it out of work, hit up Publix and got to cleaning up downstairs.

Kristin arrived around 6 and after being greeted by a seriously overexcited Bradley, we were out by 6:30. We started running together but after we got into the neighborhood and I needed to take a walk break, so Kristin continued on. I know I’ve said this before, but I really enjoy running with her because she runs faster than I do and as a result I push myself to run faster, too. However when I tucker out and she wants to continue on, challenging herself, she just goes…and when she wants to walk with me or run at my speed, she does. It’s nice knowing that when we run together we can both do our own thing, yet still have company at different points during the run. Yea for running buddies!

With about .5 mile left I realized that we’d either have to finish out the run in my neighborhood or run back up the street. We both agreed that running up the street would be much better so off we went. I PUSHED HARD and went about half of the distance before I had to stop and walk – darn it! Ah well, we took our walk break and then ran hard to the end.

When we got back from our run it was nearly 8pm and poor Carl wasn’t home yet! I checked my messages and he was at least on his way, so when Kristin asked me about Green Monsters I offered to make her one! I used 1 c. soy milk, 1 c. blueberries, 1 big handful of spinach, and a banana.

Our smoothie came out pretty darn purple and thicker than usual, but it was still good and Kristin enjoyed it! Yea! We visited for a little while before Kristin left and poor Bradley sat by the door, waiting for her to come back inside.

Carl arrived home a few minutes later and all was well in Bradley’s world – tail a’waggin once again.

Today’s stats:
Distance – 5 miles
Time – 1:02:55
Pace – 12:36’/mile
Best pace – 8:01’/mile

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