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Exhausted and sick

September 19, 2009

What a week! I still feel like I’m recovering from Open House Tuesday night and literally had to drag myself into work on Friday. I had several people ask if I was “okay” so I really must have looked bad, lol. I chatted with my friend Brian about how his long run is 13 miles (he’s training for the Jax Marine Corps half in a few weeks) and how he’s just not looking forward to it. I don’t blame him at all, but when I shared that today was going to be my 20 mile run he said he felt a lot better, lol! I also made sure that my friend Meghan was still up for running the last leg of my run in the morning (she also helped me through my 18 mile run a few weeks ago). Everything was a-go and I left work relatively early and decided to hit up the outlet mall on my way home.

When I got home from work last night I was feeling a little “off” but chalked it up to being tired from the long week and attempted to catch up on my Google Reader like I do every weekend, lol. I was feeling hungry so while I waited for Carl to get home I snacked on some new hummus and yummy crackers that I got from Publix this week.

Holy goodness, I seriously ate half the bag of crackers on my own and the flavor of hummus is so good, too! The crackers had a decent ingredients list and since they were BOGO I didn’t complain!

I made sure to drink lots of water today since I wanted to be well hydrated for my run this morning and we even ate some ravioli for dinner along with some garlic bread. Yum!

After dinner I planted myself in the chair and decided to download some new music to pump me up for my run. I love listening to music with a very up-beat tempo and Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap totally does it for me…and of course there is BRITNEY, lol!

I should have known I was in trouble when my throat started hurting when I went to bed and actually had to get up about 30 min. later to get a cough drop. Not good…and you totally know where I’m going with this. I woke up around 3am to blow my nose because I couldn’t breathe anymore and tried to decide whether or not I should go on my run when my alarm went off an hour later. I tried to talk myself into doing it – just getting my clothes on and seeing how far I could go – and then decided that it was stupid. I’ve been exhausted all week and if I was sick that it was my body’s way of telling me to slow down and stop and the last thing it needed was to run 20 miles. I was not okay with having a crappy 20 mile run just to say that I’d done it – that just doesn’t make sense to me.

I shut off my alarm and when Carl’s went off at 5am (he had a meeting at 9am and wanted to go in early to clear off his desk from the week) I sent Meghan a text letting her know that I wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t going to be running this morning. Her reply was hysterical – “you just made my day…it has been a long, tiring, rough week!” Her text seriously made me laugh and I was once again reminded how lucky I am to have such great friends in my life. Even though she had a hard week she was still willing to meet me this morning to support me and help me get through my run.

I went back to sleep and woke up around 9am (I think) and had some coffee and oatmeal with my new favorite thing…Holy yum!

The rest of today’s eats were a Wasa cracker with some apple butter before I took a nap

When I woke up from my nap I was STARVING and knew that I needed to make something filling without it being to heavy. This sandwich totally hit the spot! BH turkey sandwich with hummus, Wholly Guacamole, cheese and spinach with a side of grapes and more of those darned crackers. At least one bag is finished off!

Carl is still out, running errands so I think I’m going to finish catching up on my Google Reader (only 72 left!), watch the UF v. Tennessee game (GO GATORS!) and enjoy laying in bed! See you all for dinner!

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