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Needing more rest

September 20, 2009

Apparently my cold has taken on super strength and totally knocked me out after the game. All I wanted to do was curl up under the blanket and go to sleep. Boo!

I decided on a snack before dinner since Carl wasn’t home yet and had about 1/2 c. Okios plain yogurt with some Kashi H2H toasted oats cereal with a little blueberry granola.

Carl made it home a little while later and was excited to show the new hat he bought to go kayaking in. Too much!

He also ran a few errands for me and picked up my new favorite things…

Carl made an awesome dinner from a recipe card that I got from Publix this week. It was literally a “stir everything together and bake” kind of meal and I was pleased with how well it came out. I must admit that I’m not the biggest fan of “pre-cooked” meat so I’d either use a rotisserie chicken or pre-make my own meat instead of buying it packaged.

Dessert was also from the recipe card and was so good! Pistachio pudding (fat-free, sugar-free!) with whipped cream (fat free!) and crushed up Pirroline cookies. It was pretty tasty and I’m excited that the recipe made a serving of 4 so I know you’ll be seeing this later tonight.

When I woke up this morning I decided that I really needed one more day of rest so I’m going to take tomorrow off and hopefully knock this bug out of my body with rest and lots of fluids. I was planning on doing a lab tomorrow so I’m going to have to go in today for a little while (a church meets at our school on Sundays so the building will be open for a few hours) to do my sub plans. It’s still worth it, though.

For breakfast I just had a bowl of cereal with 1/2 c. oat milk, nothing super exciting but it was still tasty.

When I got back from school I was pretty hungry so I made a repeat of yesterday’s lunch except the crackers were rosemary flavored instead of sweet onion. So good!

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  1. whatissharondoingnow permalink
    September 20, 2009 6:49 pm

    I had to go into work today too! And I do the same thing…sneak in with Jesus. I could have been there all day and still not be caught up, but at least I'll look like I have my game together when the top county guy comes through tomorrow (different from the bottom county people that come through twice a week…we're being watched like a hawk)

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