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Pink up the Pace!

September 26, 2009

Despite my excitement for the race last night I did not jump out of bed all excited and ready for the race this morning. Instead I hit the snooze button for nearly half an hour and had to drag myself into the shower to wake up! Eventually I woke up a bit more, grabbed a Clif bar and we were out the door.

I was so excited to run downtown today but I really tried to remind myself that it had been over a week since the last time I ran and I was still not feeling 100%. The race started near the visitors center so we parked in the parking garage and made our way to the restroom (no porta-potties!) for stop #1 and then to the tent to get my timing chip.

I told you I was tired, lol!

Apparently something was funny

Carl managed to use the zip-ties that they gave us to attach it to my shoe – high fashion for sure! I went for bathroom visit #2 and when I came out saw that Hilary and her hubby, Mr. R, found Carl.

We chatted for a few minutes and then Hilary told me that they asked us to go ahead and line up at the start. Carl walked with us and then was off to position himself near the Bridge of Lions for picture stop #1. I think we must have waited for 20-25 minutes before the pack ahead of us moved forward and off we went!

Hilary and Mr. R were amazing at blazing a trail through the people until it opened up a bit once we rounded the corner and were running along the bayfront near Castillo de San Marcos (the fort).

The pacer was a girl wearing a pink tutu and wings riding a bike!
Love it!

There were lots of people wearing pink tutu’s, actually!
Hilary and I are totally going to wear one next year, too!

At this point I was using Mr. R as my pace guide and felt that as long as I could keep him in my sights I was doing okay. I saw him lift his arm and realized the was waving at Carl! Unfortunately Carl didn’t see him so there isn’t a picture of Mr. R at picture stop #1, but he did manage to get a picture of me and then Hilary as we ran by.

While it was lovely running along the bayfront it was really starting to heat up and before I hit the first mile marker I was HOT and totally sweating like a man. I passed the first mile marker at 10:45 min. and I was very pleased with how I felt and the speed that I was running at. I was a little worried that I was running a bit too fast, since every time I looked down Garmin told me that I was averaging a 10:00-10:30 pace but I just kept going.

I was super happy to see that there was a water station at mile 1.5 and decided to take a much needed walk break, which happened quite often through mile two because of course I ran the first mile too fast. This part of the course was through some neighborhoods in “Lincolnville” and people were outside cheering us on. I passed the mile 2 marker at 23:01 and while my pace had definitely slowed I was still really happy with my time and just enjoyed the run.

There was another water station right around Flagler College (not sure mile-wise where it was) and again I was thankful for it and used the time to walk a bit. Eventually we ended up on St. George Street and I LOVED running down this street! It’s usually quite busy with people, so it was really nice to see it quiet and still asleep – except for the runners that is!

St. George Street after the race

Eventually I saw the mile 3 marker and passed it at 36:11 min. and was angry because I thought I had blown my chance at a PR (yes, I’m slow so I thought that if I could come in under 36 mins. it would be a PR) but I carried on since I could see the clock at the finish line! I saw Carl and then focused on the finish line…and I felt myself picking up speed until I crossed and heard the “beep”, “beep” of the timing chip as I crossed the mat.

I loved how we once we crossed the finish line we went through the city gates.
So cool!

When I was finished I was hot and sweaty and gross. A volunteer pulled off my timing chip and at first I thought he broke my shoelace until I realized that he had untied it instead. Carl met me on the other side of the gate and I grabbed a cold bottled water and put some ice down my shirt and cooled down for a few minutes before we went back around to the finish line to wait for Hilary and Mr. R.

Unfortunately Mr. R came across just as we were walking back, so all Carl was able to get was this picture. Imagine he is there, lol!

Hilary came across the line a few minutes later – smiling all the way to the end!

We tried to cool off but it was so humid! We drank more water and chatted for a little bit before deciding to part ways. I was bummed when I realized that we didn’t get a picture of all of us together or of anyone after the race! Ah well, next time! Overall it was a wonderful race and I really enjoyed it. I know I will definitely be running this one again next year!

Oh, and when I got home I looked up my race times and found out that I actually did PR today – by 15 seconds, lol! Yea for a new time to beat on my next 5K!

Today’s stats:
Distance – 3.16 miles (according to my Garmin)
Time – 37:17 min. (chip time and Garmin)
Pace – 12:02’/mi (chip time) 11:48’/mi (Garmin)
Best pace – 6:44’/mi (HOLY CRAP!)

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  1. teacherwoman permalink
    September 26, 2009 10:38 pm

    Nice job on the race! Wahoo!

  2. skinnysweetpea permalink
    September 27, 2009 10:43 am

    Great job! You're looking so tiny!

  3. EricaH permalink
    September 27, 2009 9:16 pm

    Congrats on the PR!!!


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