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The Marshmallow Incident

October 5, 2009

Even though we made the quiche last night I couldn’t stop thinking about the Nature’s Path cereal sitting in our pantry so I had a nice bowl of cereal for breakfast.  I *heart* this cereal!  It’s so yummy mixed with Kashi H2H and oat milk.


Today was a great day at work!  We’re doing a lab today with marshmallows (and tomorrow since I saw my odd classes today and will see my odd classes tomorrow) and is based off of one that I found online.  I told Hilary about it a few weeks ago and she got excited about it because she had just purchased the book The Marshmallow Incident written by Judi Barrett, the same author who wrote Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs that is out in the theaters now.


It’s a really cute story and my students really enjoyed listening while I read it to them.  They may act like they are “cool 7th graders”, but they love being read to 🙂  After we read the story they were charged with building the tallest, free-standing tower using only their right or left hand.  Team work all the way, baby!  The tallest tower today was 35 cm tall and it was pretty neat to watch how the groups worked together.


Lunch today was left over “not your normal mac and cheese” from last night and a handful of PB pretzels.



This afternoon I had some errands to run and ended up at Publix.  I noticed that they were moving things around the store and when I went down one aisle and saw that they were integrating their Organic/Greenwise products into the aisles  like the new Publix by my school.  Yea!  It did take for ever to find everything, though, and when I left I was starving!  I decided to have a snack while I got dinner ready and munched on these flatbreads with some Laughing Cow Cheese.


They were pretty good but when I took a closer look at the ingredients list there were some funky things listed so I’m not sure that I’ll be buying these again since there are so many other delish options out there.


Dinner tonight was this AMAZING Beef Stroganoff recipe from Paula Dean.  I’ve never made Beef Stroganoff before, but this recipe was very easy to follow and I think that the key is the House Seasoning that is in the recipe and used to season the meat.  This will certainly be added into the rotation!


So good!

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  1. October 5, 2009 9:01 pm

    OH the beef stroganoff looks so yummy!


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