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Teacher workdays rock!

October 30, 2009

Today is a teacher workday in our county since it’s the end of the first quarter and grades are due next week.  I can’t believe that we’ve already been in school for NINE WEEKS!  Woo Hoo!

Teacher planning days are some of my favorite days of the year because we actually have time to plan and get things done that we don’t have time for during the school day.  Our county basically “took away” our planning period during the school day so we all teach six classes straight (unless it’s a block day, then we teach three 80 min.-ish classes) with only a 30 min. break for lunch.  Our “planning” is after school from 2:00-3:00 and we have to cram in parent meetings, IEPs, team meetings, etc. also during that time.  Luckily our principal rocks and tries to give us as much planning time as possible, but planning days are a much welcomed way to get above water, too.

It also means that we can sleep in a bit and go out to lunch with our co-workers – my favorite part!

This morning I couldn’t decide on what I wanted for breakfast, so I went for a frozen Hodgston Mills waffle with a banana, 1 tsp. TJ’s pb (love it!) and a drizzle of agave.  It was good, but I only ate half of it.

I swear that my body is still recovering from running the Nike Women’s Marathon two weeks ago!  Not only am I still exhausted, but I get really hungry and have been craving the strangest things, only to eat half of what is on my plate or take a few bites and throw the rest away…unless it’s junk food and then somehow I’m able to eat all of it.  Lovely.  Not so good since my foot is still healing from my pre-stress fracture and I can’t run or do a lot of different types of exercising that I enjoy, which is really starting to bum me out.

This weekend Carl and I are going to Orlando to meet up with his brother, Keith, and girlfriend, Amy, so when we get back home on Sunday I’m going to start following the Clean Eating meal plans to get my body craving good, nutritious food again AND I’m going to the gym to see what I can do there so I don’t become a blob while my foot continues to heal.

Have a great day!

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