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Happy Birthday Kristin!

November 14, 2009

Yesterday was my friend Kristin’s birthday and we spent it in the most magical place on Earth…MAGIC KINGDOM!  I love theme parks so when Kristin sent out an email last week asking if anyone wanted to go with her to celebrate her 29th birthday I was right on board!  I actually spend my 29th birthday at Magic Kingdom, too, and it was so much fun!

I was running a little bit later than I wanted to so I grabbed a PB Clif Bar as I was running out the door and ate it on our way to Orlando.

I met Kristin at her house and we were on the road by 7:15am – giving us just enough time to arrive as the park was opening.  We even were able to score free parking since it was her birthday.  Score!  It was also a BEAUTIFUL day in Orlando with clear blue skies with a lovely, cool breeze.  Such a welcome difference from how hot it was just a few weeks ago.

In the tram on the way to Magic Kingdom!

Once we were inside I was so excited to see that MK was all decorated for Christmas!  I love theme parks when they are all decorated and it has been YEARS since I’ve been to MK when they had them up.  Love it!

We went on a few rides (and even got stuck on one and had to be escorted off!) before getting some lunch around 11.  Kristin and I shared a basket of french fries and chicken fingers that was so yummy!  I normally really dislike park food (I think Sea World has the WORST FOOD of all of the parks) but this was really good and perfect for sharing.

A little while later I had a peanut butter cookie that was melt in your mouth good.  Yum!

After a short break to eat my cookie and for Kristin to attempt to drink a very large soda, we decided to go on Thunder Mountain.  Love it, although it’s much better at night.  We tried to go on it before we left, but unfortunately the ride was down due to technical difficulties. Next time!

I swear that we walked around the entire park three times, great exercise!, chatting, re-riding rides, and just enjoying being outside.  On one of our trips back around the Castle was open to walk through!  They often have it roped off because of shows or other events so I was really excited to walk through, which I swear I haven’t done since I was a little girl!

Beautiful mosaic tiles that line the walls inside the Castle

We had someone take a picture of us in front of the Castle and while it’s a horrible angle, it’s neat to have so much of it in the picture.

I even managed to talk myself into going on Splash Mountain!  I haven’t been on it in years since I hate drops where I lose my belly.  I know this doesn’t make sense since I love roller coasters that go upside down.  I think it’s because when you go upside down you are totally strapped in and your butt doesn’t go off the seat, which is what I hate about regular coasters with just a lap bar.   Splash Mountain is Kristin’s favorite ride so I sucked it up and went on it and I’m glad that I did because I thought it was much worse than it really is.

Before our faces were completely soaked!

Before we knew it, it was 7pm and the park was closing because of Micky’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  The Christmas Party is a special event that required a separate admission and kept the park open until midnight with hot cocoa, light parades and a special fireworks show.

Before we left they lit up the Castle, which was so neat to watch!

Back side of the Castle, before the lighting

Front of the Castle all lit and beautiful!

We opted out of the second ticket so we headed to The Cheesecake Factory at Mall of the Millena for dinner.  By this point we were both pretty tired so I don’t have any pictures, but you’ll be seeing my left overs at some point this weekend. Kristin got the Factory Burrito and it was literally bigger than her head!

I had such a great time yesterday and was so glad to be able to spend the day with Kristin at Magic Kingdom to celebrate her birthday.  Happy Birthday, Kristin!

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  1. November 16, 2009 9:47 pm

    Loved Disney this weekend too! The weather (although a bit cool on Thursday) couldn’t have been more perfect! I”ll be posting some pics soon – had a totally different experience than I’m used to being with a 7-yr old on her first trip.

    Thunder Mtn shut down a little before “closing” on Thursday too…hmmm. Fortunately, we had already gone on it 4 times that day…and my niece was scared the first time!

    My sister got a free meal plan with her Disney stay and so I had a totally different meal experience than I’m used to too. Nice, delicious, sit-down meals where one entree easily feeds two. Plus, I learned that when with a kid it’s very important to stop and eat!

    Sea World’s best food (and healthiest by far) is in the back right corner – what used to be called “Hospitality” with the free beer – it’s now called “The Terrance” (I think) and they still serve beer but you have to pay for it. This is where they have the real(ly good) sandwiches with freshly carved turkey/meats and assortment of fresh fruit such as strawberries and watermelon.


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