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Welcome home!

November 24, 2009

While my students were hard at work today (watching The Magic School Bus – Busasaurus – haha!) I decided to put together a list of everything that we’d be doing while we are home visiting our family and the outfits that I would wear.  Crazy, I know.

Just a few minutes after the students were set free to wreak havoc on the world for the next few days, I packed up my stuff and out by 1:15!  I stopped to get gas on the way home and made the ambitious goal to have the suitcases packed, car packed and on the road by 3pm…and we made it!  I know it was because of the list that I made earlier today because I was able to get home, crack open the suitcase and shovel things into it in under 15 minutes!  Woo hoo!

I slept most of the three hour ride home, while Carl was a fantastic navigator.  I called my mom at one point and when she told me what we were having for dinner I nearly squealed with delight…Gramps homemade meatballs, freshly baked bread, and salad.  EEEEEEEE!  Since Gramps made them for our lasagna Thanksgiving tomorrow night and Carl and I were getting in earlier than we’d originally anticipated we decided to have our Thanksgiving broken down into even more days!  Man, we just can’t get away from the celebration of all that we are thankful for – I love it!

When we walked into the house we were greeted with the most amazing smell from my childhood – pasta sauce and bread – and a beautiful table set for dinner.

Gramps was already enjoying his evening cocktail as he was grating the parm cheese – no such thing as pre-shredded, packaged parm in our house!

Mom made a fantastic salad with lettuce, shredded carrots, navy beans, black and green olives, and eventually topped it with asparagus.

Of course we had to have bread!

My plate!

…and you know I had more!  It was SO GOOD!  I can’t wait to have lasagna tomorrow night – yum!

What are some of your favorite childhood smells/meals?

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  1. November 25, 2009 12:06 am

    I am the worst packer and even when I make a list I still suck. I forget that when you are on vacation you go through several outfits a day and tunnel vision that I have, I think one outfit a day. You would think I would have learned by now, but no I haven’t.

    I had to laugh at the smell of the pasta sauce comment. My husband used too work with his mom out of her house and when he used to pick me up at the train station on my way home from work I would get in the car and immediately it would smell like her pasta sauce. I would say, “Your mom made pasta sauce didn’t she” and he would say “how do you know” and I would say “because you smell like onions and tomatoes” lol.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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