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Enjoying time with family

November 25, 2009

Good afternoon!  This morning Carl and I slept until 9:45am – crazy late for both of us!  Gramps was out at a meeting and mom made a last minute run to the grocery store to pick up a few things for linner (lunch/dinner) since we are eating around 3pm.  After searching around the kitchen for at least 15 minutes we could not find the coffee!  I don’t function properly without my mornin’ cup o’ joe and I was sporting quite the headache from the yucky weather outside so I was a tad bit grumpy.  Boo!

Since we had some time to kill Carl made some phone calls to tie up some loose ends for our adventures tomorrow.  We’ve been planning on running what I thought was a 5K tomorrow morning with Carl’s family, but plans changed and now it’s just going to be me, Carl and Amy (Carl’s brother’s girlfriend).  It should be fun and it’s my first ever Thanksgiving day race!  It’s actually a four mile run so I can eat my turkey and stuffing tomorrow without feeling guilty – although I’m not sure how much of the four miles I’ll be running since I’ve only done two – 1 mile runs since I started running again.  It should be fun either way!

Once mom came home and told us where the coffee was we set to making breakfast.  Carl started the coffee while I poured myself a bowl of honey nut cheerios with vanilla soymilk and a bagel with cream cheese, tomato, and pepper.  Yum!

All together now!

Since linner is early today I think I’m going to skip lunch but when mom asked me to taste the sauce I was all about getting a piece of bread to dunk in the goodness.  Yum-o!

We are having a pretty low-key day, which is absolutely wonderful and very well needed for both Carl and I.  Carl decided to play games on his DS while mom got some work done for her group sessions tomorrow.

Tonight Carl and I are meeting up with our friend from high school, Abbie, and her husband, Raul.  Abbie sent me an email earlier today wanting to see if we had any time to get together with them and I jumped at the chance since they currently live in Madrid, Spain.  The last time that we saw Abbie was before our wedding (two years ago!) when she moved to England for graduate school.  I’m really looking forward to spending time with them, and meeting Raul, even though it will just be for an hour or so tonight.  Good times!

An awesome opportunity…

Yesterday on Caitlin’s blog I read about this awesome opportunity from Stonyfield Farms

If you mail four foil lids (of the regular Stonyfield yogurt, not Oikos) to Stonyfield before the end of December, you’ll get a reusable, eight-ounce yogurt cup made by Preserve®. Made from 100% recycled plastic, the cup is perfect for yogurt-lovers on the go, and the ideal size for breakfast or a snack, with room to stir in fruit or granola. It’s dishwasher safe, BPA-free with a screw-on lid…. and it’s made in the US.  Consumers will also get  $4.50 worth of Stonyfield and Preserve coupons along with the cup!  To get your free cup, mail the 4 large foil lids to:  Stonyfield Farm; Reusable Cup Offer; PO Box 4840; Manchester, NH 03108-4840.  Offer is good for US residents only.


I know many of you are traveling today, so please be safe on the roads!  ENJOY the time with your loved ones, even when it gets crazy!  Oh, and don’t forget to take pictures!

See you at linner…

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  1. November 25, 2009 7:40 pm

    Ooh how exciting! Say hi to Abbie for me! Darn, I wish I’d thought to see if you were going to have a free hour or so, but I figured you guys would be crazy busy! Oh well.. if you do… let’s get together!

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