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On the trail

February 15, 2010

When I was thinking of things to do for Valentine’s Day I knew that I wanted to incorporate things that Carl really enjoyed and came up with the perfect idea – walking the trails at Guana River State Park.  Carl and I had done a portion of the trails a few years ago but he and I had both talked about doing the rest of them at some point.  Today seemed like the perfect day!  Carl and I finally got our stuff together and made it out the door by 12:30pm, much later than we wanted to.  We had plans to stop by Fresh Market to grab some lunch but decided that it was too far out of the way and we just wanted to get to the park so I ran into the gas station while Carl filled up the car to grab a wrap and some chips.  The wrap was turkey and provolone and was actually pretty good!  Ironically, while we were on our way to the park we passed two Publix stores and one sandwich shop.  Now we know where to go next time 🙂

We finally arrived at the park at 1:00, pulled on some layers and set off on our hiking adventure.

It wasn’t long before we were quite warm and poor Carl carried all of our discarded outer layers along with all of the other stuff in the bag (another set of coats, water bottles and some trail mix/apple biscuits).  I swear that pack weighted upwards of 20-25 pounds!

Reading the map

My favorite part of the park is that one whole side of trails follows the Tolomato River.  Being a Florida girl I love the water, especially the beach, and while most of the time I’d rather be inside, especially if it’s too hot or too early, I’ll almost always jump at the chance to be around it.

Lovely views of the Tolomato River

Unfortunately most of the trail back to the car was inland and we didn’t get to see much of the Guana River at all.  It made for some boring scenery (hello walking in the woods) with the exception of some wild animals.  We saw an entire group of baby piglets and luckily didn’t see their momma along with lots of armadillo.  When we were about halfway back to our car we decided to take a break and refuel.  By this time it was nearly 4pm and it was starting to get darker, especially since we were now on the east side of the park.

Happy Valentine's Day!

My goal was to do the the big loops twice to get in 10 miles.  Ha!  I’d forgotten how tiring walking trails is compared to running on the street and how much longer it takes to walk the same distance.  Because we got such a late start and were seriously exhausted when we were finished we only did about 6.5 miles but I swear that I got more of a work out today than if I had gone running!

Here is a map of the park. We walked along the straight line out to the water and then all through the “boot” portion to the tip of the land and back to the “P”, where the parking lot is.

We made it back to the car a little before 5pm and went to Cruisers for dinner.

We were both starving and despite my desire to stay away from junk food I couldn’t help but eat a few of Carl’s fries dipped in ranch dressing.  Oh how I love french fries!

For dinner I had a “big salad” with marinated chicken chunks.  I didn’t use all of the ranch dressing, probably only about a tablespoon of it in all honesty, but everything else on my plate was gone once I was finished.  Yum!

What a lovely way to spend the day with my hubby!  This week isn’t quite as busy as last week, especially since I have tomorrow off, but I need to start preparing myself for the half marathon on Sunday.  I can’t wait for it to be over!

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  1. February 15, 2010 5:37 pm

    The trails look like fun…I swear northern Florida is so much better than south Florida when it comes to trails.

    That dinner looks great too – oh, I think I’m hungry.

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