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Project Glow

April 5, 2010

After reading about Megan‘s results from her version of Angela’s Project Glow I knew that I wanted to jump on the band wagon to clear up my skin that’s been freaking out for the last month or so. I’m going to be turning 30 (it feels so weird to type that!) in July and my face has certainly been going through changes, becoming incredibly dry in some places and super oily in others.

I’ve been using Aveda products for quite some time and while I love how they make my face feel I’m not super impressed with how they’ve been working on my blackheads and feel like I could use some scrubbin’ every once in a while.

My plan:

1. Use the following skin care products: Aveda sensitive skin face wash (not pictured), St. Ives Green Tea Face Wash, St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub, Aveda tourmaline charged eye cream, Aveda tourmaline charged protecting lotion, CVS vitamin E oil, Murad acne spot treatment.


I have sensitive skin so I think that I will use the Aveda sensitive skin cleanser (not pictured) in the morning and alternate between the green tea face wash and the scrub in the evenings. I really like the Aveda eye cream so I’m going to stick with that and I couldn’t find the St. Ives moisturizer so I’m going to use my Aveda stuff until I can. I’m going to use the Murad acne spot treatment and the vitamin E oil on any blemishes that develop.

2. Drink a green monster every day. The week before spring break I was making a green monster every day and I LOVE how I feel when I have one for breakfast. It gives me plenty of energy and I just feel so GOOD when I eat them. I think the only limiting factor here is running out of spinach šŸ™‚

3. Drink more water! I really need to focus on this. I think I drink about half of the water I “should” on a daily basis, but I know I can drink more. I also recently started drinking soda again (d’oh!) and need to cut it out.

4. Exercise at least three times a week. Yes, I know I should be incorporating more exercise into my week but I’m going to shoot for three and be really happy with myself if I get more in. I feel SO GOOD after I exercise and the changes it brings about in my body so I just need to focus on those things and make it a priority in my schedule.

I’m sure that there will be changes to the regime during the month trial period and I’ll be sure to update when they occur.

Now for the “before” pictures. These were taken tonight after my shower and I used the Green Tea face wash but hadn’t put on any moisturizers. It’s not horrible, but there are certainly blotchy, irritated areas and lots of blackheads that don’t really come out in the pictures. Don’t judge!

Left Side:


Right Side:


Whole Face:

Have you tried Project Glow? Do you have a skin care regime that you swear by?

3 Comments leave one →
  1. runeatdatesleep permalink
    April 6, 2010 8:58 am

    You’re like the blogging queen now posting up a storm!

    Your skin looks beautiful! I’d love to know how you keep your teeth so white!

    I’m already having good luck with Project Glow. My pimple is clearing up a lot faster than it usually does.

  2. April 6, 2010 2:44 pm

    I have heard good things about Project Glow! Have fun with it!

  3. April 6, 2010 8:04 pm

    My face has been freaking out lately too! It’s probably been about 3-4 months and I can’t figure it out.

    However, I think everything is connected so I wonder if it’s a hormone thing and I’m planning on asking my ObGyn when I see her in a couple weeks.

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