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Mom’s foot surgery

April 7, 2010

This morning we were up by 5:30am to get ready and be at the doctor’s office by 7:30am. Mom was in great spirits, hoping that whatever pain or discomfort that may come from the surgery will be better than the pain that she’s been experiencing since December.

Before we left I had her to pose with the cane that her co-workers gave her as a “going away/get well soon” present. This baby has a horn, change purse and mirror so she can see if anyone is coming up behind her. Although I’ve never met the people at mom’s work, I think they are wonderful from the stories that I’ve heard. I am so thankful that they have really rallied around mom these last few months and continue to do so while she’ll be out of work while she’s recovering.


When we got to the surgery center she filled out some paperwork and was taken to the back so they could start the IV and prepare her for surgery. About three hours later the nurse came to get us because mom was in the recovery room.

According to the doctor mom’s surgery went very well. All of the bone spurs are gone and she now has a screw separating the joint which will hopefully provide some relief and keep the bones in her big toe from grinding together and making bone spurs again. The surgery has a 60% success rate but in all honesty I’m not sure what that means – is it successful in the sense that people who were suffering greatly now have “manageable” pain or is it successful for those who have the surgery and may not eventually have to have an even more drastic surgery (Keller’s arthroplasty) later on.

The rest of the day has passed in somewhat of a blur. Mom is in a lot of pain and describes it as “a little man jumping on my foot with a hot poker”. Oh lordy, I can’t even imagine. Please keep the thoughts and prayers coming – that the pain become manageable and the healing be fast.

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