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Product Review: Food Should Taste Good – Lime

May 24, 2010

I was really excited when my Food Should Taste Good coupons came in the mail last week. I couldn’t wait to head out to the store to purchase more of their chips (you know how I feel about chips!) and decided to make a special trip to Whole Foods to buy two new flavors. Since I already tried, and loved, the Sweet Potato chips I decided to go with Lime and Jalapeno.

Tonight we had sandwiches with homemade guacamole so I decided to try the Lime flavored chips.

The chips are thick and would be great for dipping into just about anything without breaking. I hate it when you are all ready to scoop into something delicious and then *crack* the chip breaks.

Trying the chips for the first time (and making a ridiculous face in the process)


The verdict? They are very tasty and have a lovely lime flavor. I would suggest using them with a dip rather than just out of the bag because the lime flavor could be a bit overwhelming. The chips aren’t very salty, which was a nice change from other chip brands. Perhaps it’s because these chips are also touted as crackers? Either way they are good and I will certainly be purchasing them again. Carl also really enjoyed the lime flavor that they had. He said, “I like how the flavor is really there. It’s not an afterthought like some other lime flavored chips that I’ve had before.”


Our dinner, that accompanied the lime chips, full of dips and goodness including mango peach salsa, guacamole, pineapple and a BH cracked pepper turkey sandwich. Yes, there are some other chips (Archer Farms Blue Corn with Flaxseeds) there for variety (and yes, I purchased them).


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