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Everyone needs a little jazz in their life

May 30, 2010

What a week! We were super busy the last part of the week and it seriously passed in a blur. I closed out the week with an awesome yoga class, my very first ever at a true yoga studio, Friday night. Brilliant! I think I’m going to try to go every Friday because it’s such an awesome way to decompress and let the stress from the entire week just flow away. I barely made it until 9:30pm Friday night and we slept in until after 9am yesterday, which is seriously unheard of in our household. I spent the morning looking through and organizing my Mary Kay materials since I’ve just recently become a consultant (leave a comment if you want my website information!) and then we took a nap.

We’d been tossing around the idea of going to the Jazz Festival downtown this weekend and rallied after our nap. I was glad that we did because it was a lot of fun! The weather wasn’t all that great as it was super dark and cloudy out but it certainly didn’t keep the people away! I was really surprised at the number of people that were camped out with their chairs and coolers around the main stage. I didn’t even think about bringing our folding chairs but we will next year for sure.

Outside the Museum of Contemporary Art

DSC_0304.JPG DSC_0305.JPG

I’m so strong it actually moved! (NOT!)


I love the architecture of the buildings downtown.

DSC_0300.JPG DSC_0302.JPG DSC_0329.JPG

We didn’t get to look at as many artist booths as I wanted to but we stopped by lots of food booths!

DSC_0315.JPG DSC_0322.JPG

Carl had a Tater Dog which is basically a hotdog stuffed into the bun so you don’t get the toppings all over yourself while you eat it. Such a good idea!


Then we moved on to the completely unhealthy part of the evening…

Philly cheesesteak with cheesewiz


Butterfly chips – to make simply spiralize a potato (the guy used a drill!) and fry. I was really surprised at how much flavor they had with only the small amount of salt and pepper we added to them. Yum!

DSC_0337.JPG  DSC_0334.JPG

After we finished eating we headed over to the main stage and listened to Ledisi while we waited for Chris Botti to play with the Jacksonville symphony orchestra. I *heart* Chris Botti and was so excited when I realized that he was going to be at the jazz festival. It took a little bit longer than they anticipated to get the orchestra set up so I decided to get some ice cream while we waited. I never actually crave ice cream so I had Carl take a picture to document the occasion. It was sooo good too!


Still waiting for Chris to start playing…


At 10pm Chris finally took the stage and it was AWESOME! The concert was really great but I was starting to get really sleepy so we ended up leaving well before it was over. I was glad because we were home by 11 and pretty much went straight to sleep. Party animals, aren’t we?

How is your weekend going? Do you have any special plans for the long weekend? Today we are lazing around the house and are going to watch the Indy 500. After the race I’d like to go back to the Jazz Festival to see Patty LaBelle but I’m not sure that we’ll rally or that the weather will hold up.

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