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Welcome to Chez Griffonovich

June 25, 2010

After Sharon and Sara arrived at the airport we picked up the rental car, waited for Sara’s luggage to finally come off the plane and we headed out. We had about a two hour drive to the city that Lisa actually lives in, which wouldn’t have been so bad but it was raining and the lines on the road were poorly marked to begin with. Sharon was an awesome driver, though, and we arrived at Lisa’s place around 9:30pm.

Sarah, our DJ for the car ride

Sharon, our awesome driver


The awful weather


When we arrived to Chez Griffonovich were greeted by Dana who had cooked an amazing dinner for us

Sharon and Dana


Sara reunited with her buddy Dakota


Me and Sara


For our appetizer we had freshly picked kale (from Oxen Hill Farm, CSA) topped with cheddar cheese


Dinner was a marinated chicken breast salad (x2) with feta cheese and fresh veggies including lettuce, radishes and tomatoes.


Dana, Sharon and Sara


Lisa came downstairs with her son after putting her daughter to bed. Oh Lordy is he a cutie! Believe it or not he’s only 11 weeks old! Precious!


Dessert was s’mores made in the microwave, some with chocolate chips and some without.


I ate too many of these to count 🙂 We sat around the table talking until well after midnight and it was so nice to catch up with the girls. When we finally decided to go to sleep I swear that my head hit the pillow and I was out like a light until nearly 9am the next morning.

Next stop: Mark Twain’s house

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