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The lake and the plane

June 27, 2010

I can hardly believe that Saturday marked the end of my visit to Connecticut! It was so awesome to visit with the girls (and husbands and babies) again and Carl and I are already talking about when we’ll go back to visit.

Breakfast was plain Chobani with chocolate granola, Kashi heart to heart and a drizzle of honey.


All mixed up!


The last adventure Lisa had planned for us was a visit to the lake on some family property. The property was pretty much a clearing with a path carved out along the steep side of a hill/mountain. It was completely rustic and beautiful!

Sara and Sharon at the bottom of the hill


Dana taking A down to the water

DSC_0411.JPG DSC_0413.JPG

Apparently at one time there was a cabin on the property that burned down. All that remains is the chimney which made for a neat picture.



I was also able to get another shot of the lake, although this picture doesn’t give it justice as it’s giant and goes on for miles!


While we were there Lisa’s brother-in-law showed up with his two kids and took Sharon, Sara and A out on the boat. Lisa and I stayed back with baby I and had a lovely conversation. I’m so thankful that I was able to make the trip and spend some time with a few of my favorite people.

DSC_0430.JPG DSC_0434.JPG  

The last group shot of the trip


When we got back to the house we showered up and ate some lunch of left over pizza. Eventually it was time to leave so Sara, Sharon and I said out somewhat tearful goodbyes and headed off to the airport. Sara and I were so sleepy (or maybe the dramamine kicked in for me) because we both napped for the whole two hour drive! We arrived at the airport a bit early and Sharon dropped me off so I could go ahead and go in and get passed security while she and Sara went to gas up the rental car.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I dislike the Westchester airport with a passion! It’s very small and cramped and this time the air was out where everyone waits at the gate. I also wasn’t super happy that there weren’t any water fountains for me to fill up my water bottle after I passed through security and the only food vendor (which has some great looking sandwiches, fruits and drinks) there was CASH ONLY. I know it’s my fault for not carrying cash while I travel (and I probably would have been out of it by the end of my trip anyways!) but I couldn’t buy ANYTHING unless I went back into the “unsecure” area where the restaurant is located. GRRR!

I blogged a bit to pass the time until it was finally time to board the plane. Since it was a PACKED flight I decided to upgrade my seat to business class and I was so excited and happy that I did!

Horrible self portrait of me before take-off


I’ve never ridden in business class before but it was AWESOME! They offer you a drink as soon as you board and there is a TON of leg room, especially for me since I’m so short. They also give you special snacks instead of pretzels so I grabbed a two pack of milano cookies that I ate with my super unhealthy dinner of a Jr. whopper with fries after the plane landed in ATL.


Check out those fluffy clouds!


All of the flights heading home went really well and I was thankful that the dramamine kicked in and I didn’t notice any motion of the plane. My flight landed in Jax a few minutes early so I met Carl outside and we made it home and went to sleep a little after 1am. What an awesome vacation!

Thank you so much for having us all up there Lisa! I can’t wait to come and visit again soon 🙂

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