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Random and silly

July 1, 2010

We made great time heading to my mom’s place tonight and I napped the entire way. I guess I was more tired than I thought!

When we walked in I was surprised to see streamers and balloons and a “happy birthday” sign up for me! We are celebrating my birthday with Mom and Gramps tomorrow night and was such a sweet surprise.



Gramps was over at Rosita’s for the evening so we heated up a pizza and had some leftover stuffed peppers for dinner. Random but very good. I like like dinners with random food 🙂

My plate x2

When I took out the camera to take a picture of my plate Mom was surprised that I was going to post it on the blog, as though it wasn’t “blog worthy”. It may not have been the prettiest meal, but it was darn good and real.

After dinner we sat around the table for a little while and I snapped a funny picture of Carl and Mom pretending to be turkeys. Random but very funny 🙂


I had Carl snap this picture of us before we went to watch So You Think You Can Dance?, one of Mom’s favorite shows.


In all fairness to mom and Carl’s turkey picture I thought I would share this ridiculous picture of what my face looked like before Carl shot the normal looking one…yikes! I bet you didn’t know that I make silly faces like this quite often before Carl takes a picture of me. I’m sure you’ll never want to see them again, but I thought I would share just this once 🙂


Mom was also very happy to see Bradley, who she hadn’t seen since his seizure and before her foot surgery.


Speaking of Mom’s foot, it is healing very nicely. Her toe is just a bit shorter than it was before and she is able to walk without crutches. She has just a slight limp because she has to walk heel-toe so it’s a bit more deliberately than one would normally walk. The most important part is that she has almost no joint pain although does get some sharp sensations in the toe as the nerve grows back.

What is your favorite random meal?

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