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Food, fun and fireworks

July 4, 2010

**I was so tired yesterday that I didn’t get to finish this blog post when we got home

Yesterday started just like yesterday, with a delish bagel and cream cheese. Yum! Around 8:30am Keith and Amy picked us up and we headed to Orlando (actually Oviedo) to visit MudHole so Keith could fuel his new hobby, rod building.

DSC_0721.JPG DSC_0723.JPG  DSC_0727.JPG

Amy with a hook


Keith with his purchases


After MudHole we went to Tijuana Flats for lunch. We started a chip trio – chips with guac, queso and salsa. I ate way too many of these but their queso dip is so good! For lunch I had a black bean hard taco with all the fixin’s and half of a black bean quesadilla.


Keith and Amy


While we were waiting for our food Keith and Amy decided to try the super hot sauce and I was able to get some pretty funny pics of the process.

Keith wasn’t such a fan…

DSC_0734.JPG DSC_0735.JPG DSC_0737.JPG DSC_0739.JPG

Amy’s turn…

DSC_0742.JPG DSC_0743.JPG  DSC_0745.JPG DSC_0748.JPG

We couldn’t resist sharing some of the cookie dough flautas for dessert. They were really good but I was glad that we had four people to share them! Of course with chocolate dipping sauce.


While we were in Orlando I requested a trip to the Lululemon outlet but totally struck out, as did Amy. Well, we didn’t totally strike out but we decided that we’d rather spend the money with things we could use now, like shorts and tanks from their regular store, rather than buy loner pants that will sit in the closet for a few months since it’s so hot here now.

When we got back into town we went to Carl’s parents house for dinner and festivities. Everyone took turns playing Wii while Keith and Amy made salsa and guac. So good!

DSC_0754.JPG DSC_0756.JPG DSC_0757.JPG DSC_0765.JPG

Keith grilling the romaine lettuce for the grilled romaine salad.


My plate – roasted asparagus and carrots, grilled romaine salad with bleu cheese, bacon and balsamic vinegar dressing, and mango chicken wings.


Then it was time to celebrate my (un)birthday again πŸ™‚

DSC_0770.JPG DSC_0771.JPG DSC_0772.JPG

While we waited for it to get dark so we could go and see the city’s firework celebration we played more Wii

DSC_0774.JPG DSC_0777.JPG DSC_0788.JPG DSC_0789.JPG

After a few games we headed out to a great spot to see the fireworks, that actually wasn’t too crowded!

DSC_0800.JPG DSC_0801.JPG DSC_0807.JPG DSC_0810.JPG

Family shots

DSC_0817.JPG DSC_0818.JPG

At 9:10 the fireworks started and even though my mom was home asleep because she had a long day at work and had another one today I could hear her “oohing” and “ahhing” over them. My mom loves some good fireworks πŸ™‚


DSC_0831.JPG   DSC_0842.JPGDSC_0845.JPG

The fireworks lasted about 20 minutes and were really great! I was totally beat, though and literally fell into bed from our super long but really great day.

Does your city do fireworks early or are they going to be on the 4th? Do you like fireworks?

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  1. July 24, 2010 8:30 pm

    Where I grew up, in Bloomington, MN, they always did (and still do) fireworks on the 3rd. I always thought it was so weird, but liked that you could go someplace else the next night and see them again.

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