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Cracker Barrel and fun times

July 7, 2010

Today I have mixed emotions – it’s our last full day visiting family (although I will probably be back again at the end of the month or the beginning of August) so I’m sad to be leaving them. At the same time I’m also really excited to be heading back home since I haven’t been there longer than three/four days in a row since school got out (check out my trip to Atlanta here and Connecticut here, here, here, here, here, here and here) and our house needs some serious cleaning and organizing done to it. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to it all before Katie comes to visit on Saturday, although sleeping and relaxing may take a higher priority to organizing all the paper crap in our house šŸ˜‰

Mom was off today but had to go into work to go over some exit paperwork with a client so Carl, Gramps and I enjoyed the remaining breakfast for dinner casserole along with a much needed green monster served in a beer stein – haha.


Carl and I ran some errands while we waited for mom to come home. When she returned we tossed around some ideas about what to do for lunch. Mom and Gramps wanted breakfast and Carl and I wanted lunch so we went to one of the few places that serves breakfast all day – Cracker Barrel. Definitely not the healthiest place in the world, but how can you resist the good southern home cookin’?!

You can’t tell that they are related, can you?!


DSC_0984.JPG DSC_0985.JPG


A trip to Cracker Barrel just isn’t complete without playing the games on the table. Not to worry, he sanitized his hands before he ate šŸ™‚

DSC_0988.JPG DSC_0989.JPG

For lunch I went a bit heavier than I should have and ordered the lunch chicken pot pie with mashed potatoes. I ate about half of what you see here and added a bit of Carl’s mac and cheese (so good!) and a few bites of Mom’s pancakes.


After we ate we browsed in the store for a little while, one of my favorite things about Cracker Barrel.

Gramps served in WWII as a tank destroyer in the Army (read: he drove a tank!) and is now very active in the American Legion and attends dances at the VFW so this display was special to him.
DSC_0992.JPG DSC_0994.JPG

Love it!



Fun games! I used to love these invisible ink games when I was a kid! I remember doing them on road trips to Orlando when we would go to Disney World for vacation. Carl wanted to buy the marshmallow launcher today šŸ™‚ I guess it’s good to never really grow up, isn’t it?

DSC_0996.JPG DSC_0999.JPG

Fun with hats!


When we got home the food coma set in and naps were had by all. Tonight we are settling in and watching Avatar thanks to last night’s visit to the RedBox.

You can’t have movies without popcorn, pillows and pictures!


DSC_1004.JPG DSC_1009.JPG DSC_1011.JPG DSC_1012.JPG DSC_1014.JPG

I heart the RedBox! Last night we watched The Lovely Bones and I really liked it. I was reading the book when it came out and wondered how they would make a movie out of it because it’s a little funky and I had no idea how they would portray some of the scenes. I know lots of people didn’t have good things to say about it but I thought they did a great job with it.

One more quick thing before I go…I signed up for the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon tonight! A few weeks ago Carl’s family talked about going down to see his cousin-in-law, Tabitha, run in it and it got me seriously considering it. Why be a spectator when you can be a runner?! I’m trying to talk Amy into running it too! I kinda started training last week and know that I need to focus and dig in to running, cross training and fueling my body when we get back home. I can’t wait!

I’m slowly filling my race calendar for next year and I’m really excited about all of them.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. July 7, 2010 8:12 pm

    Long time lurker…

    We just recently moved to NC and I want to do some destination runs and I so want to do the the Disney Wine and Dine! I may have to sign up now! šŸ™‚ It looks like it will be so much fun!

    • July 7, 2010 9:39 pm

      Thank you for commenting Liz!

      I was holding out for a while on the Wine and Dine and finally gave in. I’m still not sure how the late night run will go but it sounds like an awesome experience too good to pass up!

  2. July 24, 2010 10:47 pm

    I love the pic of you in the hat…it’s so cute with your new haircut.

    I have not made any race plans for next fall…not sure what I’m going to do yet…

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