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A new lens!

July 25, 2010

I didn’t post about this last week for some reason but I had a wonderful morning and lunch with the lovely Kristin on Monday 7/20. We stopped at Starbucks, shopped at Anthro and enjoyed lunch at California Pizza Kitchen that opened up a few weeks ago. We shared their white corn guac and chips which was totally amazing! I’ve never really thought about putting corn in guac but it was sweet and delish.


We also shared the Grilled Veggie Focaccia and caesar salad. I will definitely be ordering this again and it was just the perfect amount of food to share.


When I got home I had something very special waiting for me – my 35mm prime lens! Yea! I’ll spare you all of the shots were I practiced playing with the lens but I *love* it!


Later that night I went back to Kristin’s to watch The Bachelorette I haven’t watched it at all this season but it was fun to get together with Kristin and Heather. We chatted, watched, shed a tear or two, and ate salad and pizza.

DSC_0622.JPG DSC_0624.JPG DSC_0625.JPG

Next up: the great closet clean out

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