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Running, wine and mini-golf

July 31, 2010

Look who’s here for a visit!


It’s Keith and Amy! Two of my favorite people E-V-E-R!

Yesterday morning I sweated my way through a three mile run with a negative split! I set the alarm for 5:30am but really didn’t want to get out of bed. 30 minutes later I finally crawled out of bed and made it out the door by 7:30-ish. Before I left I asked Carl if it was hot out and he said, “It’s not bad.” I now know that when my husband says that he’s totally lying – haha!

Distance – 3 miles
Time – 36:42
Mile 1 – 12:36
Mile 2 – 12:19
Mile 3 – 11:45


Crazy sweaty!

Although Keith and Amy left super early they ran into quite a bit of traffic on their way up here. When they arrived we sat around for a little while before Amy and I left to go pick up our race packets for the Vestcor Bridge Run tomorrow night. I did this race last year and it was tough but I really wanted to try it again this year. I’m not expecting to beat my time last year since I think I was in better running shape training for the Nike Women’s Marathon than I am this year but I wanted to give it a go and am excited that Amy is going to run it too!

Last night we decided to check out the San Sebastian Winery since Keith and Amy had never been there. Unfortunately there was a wedding party getting ready so we didn’t get the complete tour but we were still able to do the tastings.

DSC_0172.JPG DSC_0175.JPG DSC_0176.JPG DSC_0178.JPG DSC_0181.JPG DSC_0183.JPG DSC_0186.JPG

DSC_0188.JPG  DSC_0189.JPG DSC_0194.JPG

After the winery we went to dinner (no pics, sorry!) and then decided to play putt-putt.

DSC_0197.JPG DSC_0201.JPG DSC_0203.JPG DSC_0204.JPG DSC_0214.JPG

Lordy it was hot and humid by the time we finished and we were all sweating like men. Carl beat me (again!) by two strokes, I came in second, Keith was third and Amy finished last. Good times were had by all!

Do you like putt-putt golf?

3 Comments leave one →
  1. August 3, 2010 1:06 am

    I wanted to play mini golf last week in St. Croix – I can’t remember the last time I played! We didn’t end up playing because there were too many better things to do 😉

    • August 9, 2010 10:08 pm

      I certainly don’t blame you! 😉

      Thanks! I am still getting used to the prime lens but it take some really great shots!

  2. August 3, 2010 1:08 am

    BTW, love some of your wine pics

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