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Vestcor Bridge Run 2010

August 1, 2010

Last year I ran the Vestcor Bridge Run and it was the first race that I completed on my own. This year I wanted to do the race again and was thrilled that I was able to talk Amy into running it with me!

Traditional pre-race bib pictures

DSC_0218.JPG DSC_0219.JPG

It had been raining all afternoon and I wasn’t sure if the race would be rained out. Once we got up to Jax and the street was dry we were ready to go.


This is the first race that I’d ever done wearing shorts. I was really happy that I decided to wear them tonight, especially since I’ve been doing all of my running this summer in them. I know that this may not seem like a big deal for many of you, but up until last summer I avoided shorts for years and would wear jeans even on the hottest days of our Florida summers. Even though my legs are far from perfect I’ve grown much more comfortable wearing shorts and have started to accept them and be proud of how far they’ve taken me since I started running. I don’t know how I did all of my training last summer wearing capris!

All lined up and waiting to go!


The gun went off an everyone moved forward. I knew the two bridges in this race would really require me to pace myself and not go out too fast. The Main Street bridge isn’t too bad but the Acosta is seriously a monster!

Amy and I stayed together for about the first mile and then I went on ahead. I just kept hearing advice going through my head – Brian saying, “Small steps up the bridges.” and Sharon saying, “Fast turnover. Fast turnover.” going down the bridges so I did just that. I also decided to power walk up the Acosta so that I could conserve my energy really power down the other side. I’m glad that I did!

As I was at the crest I realized that I was coming really close to the time that I finished the race last year and really tried to focus and push through. Once I hit the other side of the bridge there was less than a mile left to go. I remembered that I had half of a GU from my run the other day so I took that during a very short walk break. Before I knew it I was in the home stretch and could see the finish line! The three miles went by so quickly!

I’m in the green shirt on the right


The crazy part? I finished the run at the SAME TIME that I did last year!

(Last year’s picture – I’m in the pink shirt and the capris, looking like I’m about to fall over)

Amy came in a few minutes later. You go girl!


Lookin’ good!


After the race they had a celebration in Hemming Plaza with free beer, smoothies and pizza. I’ve never had beer after a race and for some reason decided to try it out tonight. Lordy I’m not a beer drinker but there was something about this ice cold beer that was so good! We each took a few sips, tossed them in the trash and went back to drinking water. Gotta hydrate!


Since Amy and I needed to do 5 miles sometime this weekend we decided to head back out there for another two miles. I always thought people who continued to run after a race were crazy but tonight it made sense since we were already sweaty and didn’t want to have to go out for a run tomorrow. Brilliant!

Do you keep running after a race or do you just relax and revel in your accomplishment?

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  1. August 3, 2010 1:11 am

    Ahhh, I’m so flattered that I was in your head during your race 🙂

    • August 9, 2010 10:09 pm

      I think about your tips and tricks for running often, actually. Even though I’m slower than you I wish we lived closer so we could run together! I think you’d make a really great running buddy 🙂

  2. August 3, 2010 1:11 am

    Oh, and I stop running after the race.

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