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Wine & Dine Half Marathon – The Next Day

October 6, 2010

I think we went to sleep at 5am after the race and woke up to the sound of an elephant running around in the condo above us. Not cool but we had to be awake anyways since the latest we could extend out check-out time was noon. Boo! We went to Houlihan’s for lunch (yes, again!) and then decided to hit up Downtown Disney for some walking and fun.

Look what we got for Amy’s car!




We headed home around 4pm and I slept most of the way home. Bless Carl for driving even though he was exhausted too. I was totally dragging on Monday at work and in hind sight I totally should have taken it off. I guess that explains why it’s Wednesday and I’m at home, in bed and blogging. Sometimes you really do need a mental health day 🙂

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  1. October 7, 2010 5:49 pm

    Yeah for Mental Health Days! I can’t believe I haven’t taken one yet this year….it may be about time!

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