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T.O.Y & R.O.Y go to the AWESOME surprise party!

January 26, 2011

Last Tuesday night my friend Ashley decided to have a “Taco Tuesday” get together at her house. You all know how I love all things Mexican food, so I was there with bells on. Little did I know that she, along with some other co-workers, had planned a celebratory dinner for Rachel and me! See, there is a big fancy pants dinner in February to announce the R.O.Y and T.O.Y for the whole county but tickets are $30 a plate and well, we’re teachers, so not everyone who wants to celebrate with us would be able to. Enter the surprise party for us.


The theme for the party was based on The Book of Awesome which, if you haven’t heard about, is really awesome. It’s all about taking pleasure in the small, simple things life has to offer.


Fun pictures of each of us, along with words that described us, were posted up along Ashley’s wall.





[Hilary and I before leaving for San Francisco to run Nike!]

Even more special were some of the little things that our friends wrote on the wall. Yes, there were more things on the paper by the end of the night 🙂


Dinner was AWESOME, as was the company.

Of course there was Wii played. Peggy and Rachel really got down!




Linda made the most AWESOME cake.




Kristin made the most AWESOME cupcakes with a delicious chocolate center. It was even better in my oatmeal the next morning 🙂


Yea for AWESOME friends who always make me feel AWESOME!


Have you ever read The Book of Awesome? If not, check it out!

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  1. January 27, 2011 5:49 pm

    Sounds like a wonderful time! Congrats to you!

  2. January 27, 2011 8:30 pm

    I will have to check it out since I feel like I keep hearing about it from you guys. You have the most amazing (or should I say awesome) group of girlfriends!

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