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The little whisper

July 1, 2011

You know that little voice that whispers to you, inside your head? No, not the creepy one that they talk about on Criminal Minds that would make you a serial killer or anything creepy like that. The little whisper that gently calls out to you; reminding you of who you are, what you’re about and the things that you love to do. The the little whisper that encourages you when you really don’t want to do something, even when you know you should. You know, the little whisper who is always right?

I’ve been hearing mine for a few days, weeks even. Go outside. Get some sunshine on your face. Go for a walk. Feel the breeze on your skin. Go for a run.

Today I decided it was time to listen to the whisper. I didn’t want to, though. Even after getting up, dressed in my running clothes and eating breakfast I still didn’t want to listen. Then I started to feel nauseous and because I’m pregnant you know what happened after that. When I came back downstairs I told myself that I had two choices – I could either sit on the couch and feel awful or I could go outside for a run and feel awful. Today I chose the run.

I was still feeling a little yucky so I just started walking, which I usually do before I run anyway. I wasn’t in a hurry so I just took my time, enjoying the music on my iPod and the light breeze here and there. When I reached the front of my neighborhood I decided that I would run. Now, I’m not crazy. I know that I haven’t been running in several weeks, months even. My last “run” was actually the Gate River Run in March and I went on one very short, slow run after that before my morning sickness kicked in. So we’re talking what, eight or so weeks of nothing unless you count my quick jaunts from the couch to the bathroom. I don’t count those. Anyways, I knew there was no way that I could just start running so I decided that I would alternate between 30 second runs and two minute walks. I know it doesn’t sound like much running was going on, and there really wasn’t, but the first time that my Garmin beeped for me to run I got a huge smile on my face and my eyes teared up. These weren’t frustrated tears like I’ve cried in the past, tears when a run is just hard and totally sucking. These were tears of joy, thankfulness, and gratitude. In that moment it was just me, my iPod and the road. I cried a few times while I was out there, especially when a really inspiring song came on, but since I’m crying at nearly everything these days I wasn’t too surprised.

I’ve almost always run using intervals but I was surprised at how quickly the 30 seconds went by. In the beginning I felt heavy and awkward but about half way through I got my groove back a little bit. Of course I was careful not to run too fast (for me) so I wouldn’t get overheated and made sure to sip on the Gatorade/water mixture I had with me. I even found a packet of honey in the handheld pouch so I ate that, too.

I loved every minute while I was out there today. It felt awesome to do something that I enjoy so much; I’d honestly forgotten how much I love to run. I was even a little sad when the run was over even though I was very glad to get out of the heat.

So tomorrow when I hear that little whisper I’m going to listen. Because it’s always right.


Have you heard the little whisper lately? What has it been telling you to do?

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  1. runeatdatesleep permalink
    July 1, 2011 8:45 pm

    I’m so happy you listened to your whisper. I cry sometimes too when I’ve taken the first few steps of a run after taking so much time off.

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