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Adventures in Registering

August 21, 2011

After countless hours stalking mommy blogs and Consumer Reports we finally registered! Some of you may be thinking that it’s a bit early to register since I’m only 20 weeks and normally I’d agree. However, when my mother-in-law offered to throw us a shower for the family and friends down south and the invitations were going out in just a few days, we needed to get on it! The day we got back into town we braved the rain and went to Babies R’ Us and Target to tag some items for Baby Girl.


I let Carl have the “gun” and he took his job quite seriously.




When we got to the stores I was really thankful that I had done my research because there are so many options now! Because we live in a small townhouse we tried to find as many dual purpose things as we could. A bouncy seat that can swing with a relatively small footprint? Yes, please!


It was hard not to get caught up in all of the clothes and accessories but our main goal of the trip was to focus on getting the bigger, necessary items and then add things online when we got home. It was a great plan and we only spent about an hour to an hour and a half in each store. Never mind that I spent another two hours once we got home and then another two hours a few weeks later when I had a friend go over our list. Registering is serious stuff! I realize that everything that we put on there won’t be purchased but you can’t beat the discount that they give you to clear everything off!

I think one of my favorite things about registering was going through the free samples that they give you when you sign up.



Look at how cute these newborn diapers are! It’s hard to believe that when Baby Girl is born she will be that small. Or maybe not…some babies are bigger and skip right over the whole newborn size. For my sake I’m hoping these fit, though.


I can’t wait to meet our little girl!


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