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A Bump and a Wedding

September 17, 2011

Last weekend Carl and I attended a wedding for a co-worker of his. We didn’t take too many pictures that night (I think I’ve been in a photography slump but I’m slowly climbing out!) but I couldn’t help having Carl take a picture of my bump.


It was really hard trying to find a dress in my closet that was dressy enough for a wedding and I was super excited that this one worked. I originally bought it for the HLS cocktail party two summers ago and have since worn it to two weddings and a few random outings with Carl. Thank goodness for stretchy fabric!


We aren’t going to talk about how I had to wear a cardigan in September even though our table was outside because there was no hope for my strapless bra working with this dress with me six months pregnant. No one knows but you though and you aren’t going to tell anyone, right? Right.


I am thankful that it was actually a cooler evening, especially once the sun set. Thank goodness!


It’s actually really neat to think about all of the things that Harper has been with me for, and by default experiencing for herself. She’s had her first day of school, open house, a wedding, Bunco, a movie, two baby showers (not for her), Universal Studios Florida, and the hospital to see a newborn. Maybe it’s silly to think about these events in this respect but it makes me smile. And that’s all that matters, right?



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