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Adventures in Creating a Nursery: The Crib

October 16, 2011

When Carl and I first talked about nursery furniture we knew we wanted to use my grandparents old dresser and everything else was pretty much up in the air. After Hilary’s daughter, Piper, was born and I finally went to visit her at home I fell in love with her crib. They had the Gulliver Crib from Ikea and it was white and awesome. Over the summer Carl and I made a trip down to Orlando in search of the crib (and to test out strollers, remember that?) only Ikea had recalled all of their cribs because of the new safety standards that went into effect in June. Lovely. We tried to wait it out but I was growing impatient so when Target had a huge sale on their baby stuff we decided to go ahead and purchase another crib. While it was a bit more than the crib from Ikea I love it and I can’t wait to see our little girl sleeping in it.








Ta Da!


After we had the crib together Carl and I laid on the floor for a little while, taking it all in.


We turned on the little music/projector that my friend Laura gave us a few days before and watched the images on the ceiling while listening to the lullaby music. I think this was *the moment* hit us both, we are having a baby.



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  1. October 17, 2011 12:48 am

    Isn’t it exciting?!? Good choice with the crib!

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